Another first, today it was gymnastics class.

My elder daughter had her first gymnastics class tonight.

Actually her first class of any type. She stayed home with me until she was two years old and change. Previous to that she had very little time with other kids. She was an only child. She was the first grandchild on both sides. Three and a half years later she still has no cousins. But a sister! So someone to share the limelight with there.

Daycare (school, preschool, whatever) was a change for her. She went three days a week at two. She goes three days now. She learned so much about interacting with kids at first, about sharing, about taking direction, about understanding others’ feelings. She made a BFF and she adores her teacher. It’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience for her…and somehow the past eighteen months have flown by.

Granted we’ve been a bit busy.

But isn’t everyone? We meant to get her into something (swim lessons, dance, ballet, etc.) when she turned three last summer but it just didn’t happen. Ball dropped. Parenting fail! Luckily, she didn’t notice.

Tonight was her first gymnastics class. She picked a [blindingly pink] leotard out at Target a few days ago. She’s worn is nearly non-stop since. She has been a bouncing ball of excitement. Save, of course, yesterday. Luckily her recovery was fast and full. To miss the first class would have been practically tragic!

She reminded us at least half a dozen times not to forget her leotard when we picked her up today. At class she was cautious, happy, attentive and receptive. We watched her move with her little gaggle of classmates from station to station. She likely had the biggest cheering section there at five (including baby sister). We watched with bated breath and commented on her every move. Around us the other parents gossiped or worked on their laptops. We were such newbies!

I can’t believe my baby is so big.

She’s tall. Lean. Strong. Energetic. Inquisitive. Friendly. She’s brave and borders on fearless. She has a strong sense of justice and an appetite for adventure. I’m proud to be her mom every day, but tonight I was especially proud. And I know that just when I settle in to how big she is now she’ll go and have grown again.

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