Operation #makeitbetter.

After this post, I embarked on Operation #makeitbetter. It began last Friday and it’s orginal goal was to make that day better than the one before. It was successful and I have had better days since just doing a few things differently. Nothing here is anything new, only newly prioritized.

Though M&M is now four months old, there are a lot of ways that I am still finding my footing as a mother of two. Plus, they just change so damn much at first. Set a schedule and the next week it’s broken. All I can do is breathe, remind myself that this too shall pass (and so quickly too!) and try to make the most of what I’ve got. Which brings me to a few things that have been working for me:

  1. Water. Lots and lots of water. I even bought some coconut water as Costco last week because hydration, especially while exclusively breastfeeding a growing baby, is paramount in my feeling good, energized, happy, sane.
  2. Exercise. There’s just no way around it. I need it. I need it for the right now, to release endorphins and generate alertness and energy (the energy is a theme, dontcha know?) and I need it for the promise of fitting into my damn stack of too-small pants eventually. I have been donning exercise-y attire at my first opportunity and this readiness helps. Twenty minutes, some days, is enough. Because it’s what I can do and so it has to be 😉
  3. Attitude. Having a baby is hard. I personally think breastfeeding and parenting in an attachment-like fashion tends to make it even harder. I feel like I have an extra appendage. It’s often the sweetest, most satisfying, feeling but at times I feel overwhelmed, a bit “touched out,” and even smothered. Still, this babyhood is a season, and it’s a sweet one, so I am trying to take it for what it is. And remember that is does end. Eventually I will have thirty minutes, or even an hour, that I can count on using however I please. Eventually I will experience four hours of uninterrupted sleep. Maybe even a few times of week. I have to keep both the finish line in mind and stop to smell the roses.
  4. Good food that is accessible. I absolutely am what I eat. Crap makes me feel like shit. Being too hungry also makes me gravitate toward crap, both for it’s momentary comforting qualities and for it’s ease. Last week I went to the store (a few actually) and bought easy, healthy food. I got pre-cut mangos ($8 at Costco) and individually packaged greek yogurts. I stocked up on easy vegetables to throw alongside dinner and some fresh meat to cut out the defrosting stage that I never get around to anyway. I also stocked up on “good” junk food like Pirates Booty and trail mix. And I was diligent about mid-morning snacks. Oh the difference that has made. Also under the good food category is somewhat planned dinners. Not like weekly meal planning (yet!) but trying to have some idea of what’s for dinner around lunchtime.

There are likely more things but that’s what sticks out to me right now. Also my baby has risen and my man would like me to get ready to go out into this gorgeous day. Sunshine? Oh yes, we are there 🙂

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