The difference a month can make.

It is truly amazing what can happen in just a few weeks. Less than four weeks ago I began Crossfit and dabbling in Paleo eating. Now I feel like I could take on the world. Every. Single. Day. Just over two weeks ago we began letting M&M cry it out. We saw immediate, exhilarating progress. And it just keeps getting better from there.

M&M is quickly approaching six months old. She naps 3-5 hours a day and regularly sleeps 11+ hours at night. Not totally uninterrupted, but solidly sleeps, without waking up to play. Only a week or so ago we moved on to the next step in our sleep solution and began the journey toward getting her to sleep in her crib all night. Then, through the night (some day!).

Nights have been noticeably less restful lately, but she is (and we are) really doing great. Oftentimes when she cried merely retrieving the paci puts her back to sleep. On average she is nursing twice a night, Once between 9:30-11 (she usually goes down before 7pm) and usually not again until early morning (4am-5:30ish). Those are some long stretches for my girl and I’m so proud of her! She’s giving me the chance to remember how absurd engorgement is!

At the early morning feed I’ve just been bringing her back to bed with me. Last night she went to sleep at 6:20pm (I wasn’t home, but that’s what Daddy tells me) after an unusually light nap day (three naps totaling under 3hrs). I nursed her before going to sleep myself about 9:30pm. Daddy brought her in again at 2:30am. I tried to just sleep with her (lazy Mama!) but after about forty-five minutes it was clear that that mode was no longer best–for either of us. We were tossing and turning, as I offered left boob, right boob, paci and then repeated. So I took her into her crib, re-swaddled her (yes, she is still sleeping swaddled! We will need to address that soon ;)) and laid her down.

She was out like a light and didn’t stir until past 7am. Then, she did some babbling and went back to sleep until 8am. Whoa.


So I would say we are making a lot of progress. I can’t believe she is so big, so independent, so reliable, so easy before six months. Dot was never never like this. Though to be fair, I was never never the consistent, balanced, focused-yet-active mother that I am now. I just feel like everything is really falling into place and a month, or even a couple weeks ago, I would have never guessed this is where we’d be.

And now I can sit back and wait for something to change. Because it always, always does!

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