On Ramp Graduation.

Friday was my last regular On Ramp class. This morning I made up the class I missed when we were flu-stricken. Thus, I’ve graduated!

And Sunday we re-did our first day. We ran through the same workout to see improvements (and re-live the pain).

200m run
15 squats
15 push-ups
15 [jumping] chin-ups
12 squats
12 push-ups
12 [jumping] chin-ups
9 squats
9 push-ups
9 [jumping] chin-ups
200m run

It’s a baby workout in the Crossfit world, I know. But God if I didn’t want to throw up the first time through. I was mercilessly sore for days. My initial time was 11:01. Four weeks later I came in at 6:59 (I did still want to throw up a bit). I hear that is a massive improvement. The barely under 7 min isn’t incredible and my [girlie style] push-ups are still ugly as hell. But I barely needed to rest during or between sets. That’s where the improvement came from.

My make-up today included shoulder and push presses. And jumping rope. One hundred single jumps. Four rounds. After the first I excused myself to use the bathroom and hoped I hadn’t leaked through my shorts! This was the second time we’d jumped rope but I must have had a little more to drink prior. Won’t be making that mistake again 😉

And now I’m a legit Crossfitter! Ready to get killed at my first workout. And then come back for more.

crossfit crossfitter lifting heavy lift weights girl woman

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