Ninety [90] Days of Paleo and Crossfit.

This coming weekend marks three months since I embarked on this journey. One month later I graduated from the On Ramp class, which means I have now been doing legit Crossfit workouts for two months. And by “legit” I mean, modified for not-so-crazy-fit status. I’m not sure I do any workouts, as they say, Rx.

Actually the facility at which I’m a member is undergoing a transition and doing away with the official crossfit affiliation. But the approach is staying the same and since crossfit is the closest word I know to describe what I’m doing, I will continue to refer to it as such in the space.

Business aside, let’s get to the juicy stuff.

I feel pretty darn good. And here’s the kicker. I haven’t slept more than four consecutive hours in the past two months. When I first started 7am On Ramp classes M&M was still co-sleeping in our bed and I had to sneak out in the mornings and try not to wake her. Shortly after that we began letting her cry it out. Thus she began falling asleep on her own.

It was quickly apparent that we all slept better on our own. Just a couple weeks later she began sleeping in her crib all night. And I had to actually get up and tend to her throughout the nights. Typically every three hours. Sometimes every two. But, oh, I live for the [very] occasional four hour stretch.

sleepy mom mama mother motherhood mommy tired rubbing eye exhausted baby crying waking colic new up all night insomniaSo there’s that. My feelings, energy level, and even overall results have to be tempered with the fact that I am, in some part, exhausted. I am longing for sleep and doing the best I can to go to bed early (usually between 9pm and 10pm, sometimes 8:30). But I make it through the days. Physically I don’t feel as effected as I’m starting to feel mentally. There’s a fog. But I am holding out hope that it will lift soon 😉

What that hope entails is a whole different post. Sorry for the night-waking baby tangent. Not my intention, but pertinent nonetheless.

If you’re interested, here is my last Paleo check-in about six weeks ago. Complete with before and after pictures and lots of shots of what/how I’ve been eating.

And now, I’ve got three months under my belt. I feel good. I don’t really feel deprived and basically never restrict portions or even snacks. I definitely notice that what I eat keeps me full longer. Thanks fat, for that. I am obsessed with everything coconut. Coconut milk makes everything better (Mmmm, add some to your coffee or tea) and coconut oil is an amazing addition to anyone’s cooking repertoire.

Artisana coconut butter bliss raw food paleo vegan organic amino acidsBut the new love of my life is coconut butter. Best. Food. Ever. So delish. So creamy. So full of saturated goodness. Spoon, meet mouth and you will wonder where this amazingness has been all your life. Look for it in the nut butter aisle at New Seasons.

Mostly thanks to coconut butter (and bacon grease, macadamia nuts, avocado, almond butter, etc.) I would venture that I eat close to 3,000 calories a day, and likely go well over some days. But I don’t really know. Who around here has time to do something as silly and unproductive as counting calories? Not I.

The hardest part of eating Paleo remains doing it alone. And mitigating the social landmines. Other challenging factors that I am quickly getting used to include: planning ahead, grocery shopping often (no pantry full of preserved junk to turn to, though I am hoping to freeze more quick/emergency options), cooking for most meals (and the dishes that follow), and the cost. Eating this way is not cheap. But neither is medical care. And I personally am willing to put a pretty high price on not feeling shitty. Plus, I’m know there are resources out there discussing cheaper Paleo options. It can be done.

As for the working out. Well, I’m still a newbie. I’m grateful for the fellow-newbie friends I’ve made who also request the 35lb. bar when we do workouts like this Wednesday’s (5 push presses, 10 push-ups; max rounds in 12 minutes). I completed nine. It’s fun to keep track and get personal records (PRs). Last week I had a 20lb. PR when I did a 165lb. deadlift. It’s also a relief to be competing against no one but yourself.

Two recently completed WODs that nearly killed me were: Short Kelly (Run 400m, 30 box jumps, 30 wall balls–3 rounds) and, this morning, 3 pull-ups and 12 squats every 30 seconds for as long as you can. Since I don’t “have” a pull-up, I do jumping pull-ups. The Kelly took me about 19 minutes (for some perspective, the regular Crossfit Kelly is 5 rounds) and I did 22 rounds today which adds up to 264 squats and 66 pull-ups, in 11 minutes.

These workouts kill. And they do so in under 20 minutes. Add a warm-up, some pre-workout lifting in (that’s when the weight PRs happen), and some cool down stretching and/or SMRs and you’re looking at…forty-five to fifty minutes. Yes, I am fucking serious. I am often home, in my kitchen at 7am. So for anyone wondering why in the hell someone would get up for a 6am workout, my answer is this. It has nothing to do with the way it feels to roll out of bed at 5:30 and everything to do with how it feels to arrive home, raring to go, workout already out of the way, at 7am.

Though you may need to check with me again on that in a month or two. You know, when it’s not light before 6am. Or when it’s still dark when I return. Yeah, that will be a whole new ballgame. Eeeeek.

Anyway, in the past three months I have been consistent with three workouts per week. Even when we’ve been sick, even when we’ve been out of town, even when we’ve been sleep deprived. Even if I have to go three days in a row. I’ve fit my three days in.

And now for the fun stuff.

picture results body before and after crossfit paleo primal diet lifestyle change size 6 biceps toned arms back muscles shoulders diptic instagram

Getting lean and gaining muscle.

side by side weight loss gaining muscle postpartum crossfit exercise diet toning ninety three months beginning new program mom mother

Before and After.

Oh, and if weight is your concern…well, read this! I did lose a few pounds at first, but have now leveled out and even gained some back. But why the hell would I let something as meaningless as that deter me when…

  1. I feel better
  2. I look better
  3. I perform better…?

Oh that’s right. I wouldn’t.

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