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clackamas oregon portland gym crossfit workout paleo diet exercise fitnessFile this under me being thankful for my health (and my ability–to see, to hear, to touch, taste, feel). And then add to that. I’m thankful for optimum health. I’m thankful for my fitness. I’m thankful for being comfortable in my own skin. I’m thankful for time not spent wondering if something makes me look “fat”. I’m thankful every time I get a compliment on how “great” I look or “far” I’ve come. I’m thankful for tight shirts, cinched waists, and skinny jeans šŸ˜‰

I’m thankful for a new outlook on food and fitness, one that’s working for me!

I generally try to keep the specifics of my life on this here virtual and oh-so-public outlet vague (that’s one of many posts stuck in my head), but I’m going to bend the rules for a shout out here. If you want to come stalk me before the sun comes up…well, you’re weird. And I’ve got some pretty strong friends. I also would hate to bestow vague credit that could land where credit was not due. Clackamas Physical Conditioning is doing things different than anywhere else in the area. We aren’t Crossfit anymore. And we’re definitely not your typical Globogym. Whatever we are, I am thankful to be a part of it!

And no credit would be complete without Jason Seib. He blogs at Primitive Stimulus and is a regular contributor to Everyday Paleo. And he happens to own CPC. He whipped my pathetic squats into shape and, lo and behold, the rest of my body is following.

paleolithic diet grean gluten free postpartum breasfeeding weight loss body transformation pictures images side by side crossfit

Before and After: February and Sept/Oct

crossfit paleo biceps three month change improvement 90 days

A difference of three months: Above is July and below is October.

I’m thankful for the random Groupon that brought me in the door. I’m thankful for the open mind and motivation I had at that exact moment to embrace giving grain-free (and sore-as-hell-ness) a try. I’m thankful for the amazing and quick progress I made that solidified my resolve. I’m thankful for a husband that supports me in justifying the monthly expense and gets up with the children when I’m gone at 6am. I’m thankful for a reason to embrace the home-cooked meals lifestyle.

paleolithic diet collage of food gran-free gluten-free gfree home cooking butternut squash soup pork pumpkin muffins chocolate cupcake salmon eggs tomato apple sweet potato yam burgerville beef curry green curry prep dinner lunch breakfast snack treats

A collage of food pics I've taken with my iPhone.

I feel like I’ve got a new lease on life. I feel like I’ve got, like, 80% of it figured out now. For the most part I have no issues with staying Paleo. I’m thankful it’s not a struggle for me. I’m thankful I have the time and opportunity to shop, prep and cook (and clean up!). I’m thankful I’ve got a supportive, if reserved, family.

I’m so thankful it was this year: when I was 26, when I was not yet five months postpartum, when I had some free time still, when I was breastfeeding (which I still am). Before I wasted much time or energy at all trying to “get my body back” the traditional way.

I’m also thankful for the online Paleo community I’ve found to be very open and informative. I especially appreciate Paleo Parents and Everyday Paleo, the two sites I can most count on for a recipe that’s going to work.

Lastly, as I meant to do a six-month check-in about three weeks ago, I’m thankful for this here series nudging me toward some mention of the “Food and Fitness” arena of life šŸ˜‰

This post is part of a month-long series detailing 25 Things Iā€™m Thankful For.

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