2011: The Year in Review.

the year in review new year year's eve looking back resolutionsThis holiday season I spent the better part of a week custom designing calendars for some of our family as gifts. I also did photo books for each girl. That amounts to a lot of time spent sifting through photos from the past year.

In 2011 I added approximately 11,500 photos to my iPhoto library. I added about 20 albums to Facebook (which I must say surprised me, I do try to keep the bulk of photos in one yearly album). I struggled to stay under what appears to be the max photos my iPhone can hold–5,000 + 1,000 in Photo Stream.

In 2011:

  • We kicked the year off by hosting “New Years” at our house on NYE.
  • We had a low-key New Year’s Day complete with an impromptu playdate an an indoor playground with daycare friends and families.
  • We went ice skating for the first time and discovered Out Of This World.
  • Tony went from being salaried to contract.
  • We gave behavior charts a go. And failed.
  • We got out first OMSI memerbership.
  • Tony had season tickets to the Timbers first MLS season.
  • I created this blog and my related twitter alias.
  • We had our first, and so far only, snow in our first home (in true Portland style, like 1.5 inches).
  • Dot had her first big haircut.
  • I went first to a pixie, then a platinum pixie, and am now meandering through some kind of grow-out process.
  • We went to DISNEYLAND!
  • I embraced babywearing and became a cloth diaperer.
  • I tried Bacon flavored soda.
  • Dot started gymnastics, then moved on to swimming lessons.
  • I started Crossfit and went Paleo. Then I cooked. A lot.
  • Last January, at five weeks postpartum, I squeezed into size 10 jeans. Now I’m buying size 4.
  • We pulled off a massive surprise 50th birthday bowling party for my dad, complete with a 50″ TV reveal at the end.
  • We went on walks.
  • We de-cluttered the house. We bought a lot of things second hand.
  • We fell head-over-heels in love with out [used] video monitor.
  • We went to Enchanted Forest for the first time as a family.
  • Oprah abandoned me.
  • My littlest sister graduated from high school.
  • We had a huge, three-day garage sale.
  • Tony basically re-landscaped the backyard to surprise Dot with a swing set for her birthday.
  • I took the summer off from school, my first break in three years.
  • We spent our 2nd annual long birthday/independence day weekend with family at the Oregon Coast.
  • We celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary.
  • I discovered green smoothies.
  • We [tent] camped near The Dalles.
  • We read the entire Ramona series.
  • We frequented the farmer’s market almost every Sunday from May-October. And I miss it.
  • We made a fantastical day trip to Wild Waves.
  • Tony and I saw Brandi Carlile at The Oregon Zoo and got VIP passes thanks to Twitter.
  • We re-did M’s bedroom (or did it, it was never done in the first place).
  • We made new friends and grew closer to friends and family alike.
  • We visited family in Iowa.
  • I froze berries for the winter.
  • Tony’s side project, Spotsi, got into the Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE). And he went to work in The Pearl. We adjusted to a daddy working outside the home.
  • I started my year-long field placement for the final year of my Bachelors in Social Work program.
  • M became a champ at being cared for by a grandma and an auntie one day each week, respectively.
  • Dot had her first no-parents present playdate.
  • We played a lot of kid-friendly board games.
  • I spent a lot of time working on Domestic Violence Awareness Month events.
  • We rented a freaking skating rink out for my twenty-seventh birthday.
  • Via PIE, we got passes into Wieden+Kennedy‘s out-of-the-world Halloween Party.
  • Dot (and her daycare) got obsessed with Star Wars.
  • I completed a month-long series on 25 Things I’m Thankful For.
  • We hosted Thanksgiving.
  • We hosted M’s first birthday party.
  • We visited Santa. We sent out Christmas cards. We got and decorated a tree. We went to the mall too much.
  • My second-to-youngest sister graduated college.
  • Tony celebrated his 31st birthday.
  • We made it through Christmas.
  • I had no time to blog.
  • We wondered where the year went.
  • Miss M&M grew. And grew. And grew. We started the year with a one month and one day old. We end with a thirteen month old. So there were all the firsts you’d expect to be there (except walking…and sleeping through the night!). And there’s the nudge I didn’t really need to get on the She’s One blog post :/

That’s the quick (and mostly highlighted) version. We had a good year. We also had a hard year. We had a year of growth, of changes and lots of firsts. 2012 might as well be 201? so far as knowing what the future holds. But we’ll handle that as it comes. Because we always have.

Have a fun and safe evening. We’re celebrating at home, just the four of us. We’re warming up a spiral cut ham and digging into leftover Christmas candy. Looking forward to watching the ball drop on at 9pm on EST.

See ya next year 🙂

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