First day of daycare.

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This sweet little face knew something was up yesterday morning. The Monday after “spring forward” Daylight Savings was a somewhat unfortunate time for a first day, especially because I was supposed to be at an 8am training. Initially I was going to let Tony do the drop-off (once I realized the time change meant M was not likely to be up, fed, and ready), but at the time drew closer I had to be there.


Really though, she did a great job. She only took about five minutes of warming up before she’d leave Daddy’s arms to explore her “classroom”. So far M&M is the only girl in a room of 4-5 other boys. I’m excited for her to have a space of her own, so far as our family is concerned.

My biggest concerns were the food thing (at fifteen months she is still paleo-ish, though that’s gotten harder with each passing month, mostly as big sister eats a “standard american diet”) and nap time. The days she goes to my mom’s the little monster often naps only 30 minutes, sometimes an hour, but only with Grandma rocking her. And the little “wobblers” sleep on mats on the floor! I was so curious how that would go.

Well, it went fine. M was sleepy, because she still typically takes two naps and their schedule is one, and apparently laid herself down and slept for two hours. Something about that fills my heart with such joy. I just love hearing that she is adaptable and somewhat capable of addressing her own needs. My little “baby” sure is getting big.

And then the food thing. It’s so funny, they ask if she has any special considerations. Um, yeah. But that just isn’t a battle I’m ready to fight at the moment. I feel good about giving her a fantastic nutritional base her first 9 months on solid food and exposing her to a wide variety of whole foods and flavors. So I’ve relinquished that. It’s not fair to M to watch her sister have such different food and I don’t have the support to get our whole family on board.

The little progress note we got said she had crackers, mac’n’cheese and a bagel (two snacks and a meal). She had other things, but those are the foods we have thus far avoided. I had warned them that when presented with those foods she would be VERY excited and probably chow as much as possible because she doesn’t get to have it. Her teacher was telling me how the mac’n’cheese was from scratch and asked if she was used to box stuff (because she wasn’t that interested in it I guess) and I was like, “No, she hasn’t had pasta.” Obviously this is going to be a transition period in a number of ways.

It was great to pick her up and we were all able to be there (even Dot). I’m glad I get to be home with the little munchkin today and gear up for her return tomorrow.

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