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Disneyland: The Plan.

  Tomorrow’s the big day! Today we have no plans other than laundry, packing, picking up some last minute essentials (so far the only thing that’s on the list is snacks) and maybe fitting in a tad bit of pre-chaos … Continue reading

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Snow Day, 2011.

Here’s how a snow day works in Oregon. First, there is about a week of speculation ending with a day or two of near frenzied will-it-or-won’t-it, stock up on necessities, watch every airing of the news (or, in these technological … Continue reading

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Disneyland: Why now?

We are three days out from our Disneyland trip. Tony has been to Disneyworld but not Disneyland. I went to Disneyland twice as a kid (ages 3 and 11) and once as a adolescent on a band trip. The last … Continue reading

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Fingers crossed for snow.

There is a chance of a snow day tomorrow in the Portland area and everyone is one high alert! We haven’t had significant snow fall this year (and only one brief event last year) so it’s kind of a big … Continue reading

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So you had a bad day…

I really need to listen to that Daniel Powter song. Today pretty much sucked. But once in awhile that is the case. So I’m trying to keep that in perspective. Though I gotta admit, perspective is much easier to keep … Continue reading

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Through the iPhone.

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Roll over, roll over.

M&M just rolled, tummy to back, for the first time. Three times. She is not a big tummy time fan and I am not diligent about giving her daily or allotted practice time because, well, she doesn’t like it. And … Continue reading

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A Princess Haircut.

We are pretty firmly entrenched in Disney culture around here. For better. For worse. For now. But that, the future of that, the joys of that, the possible implications of that, are another post. Plus, with a much-anticipated Disneyland trip … Continue reading

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Friday ramble.

Right now I am watching  DVRed Oprah episode about her and her staff going vegan for a week. But it just started, so don’t spoil it. I am snacking on leftover V-day hearts (Sweetherts?) though I don’t know why, only … Continue reading

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Too small, too quick.

I really need to be getting non-blogging stuff done. Really need to tackle the mountain of assorted baby clothes in the pack’n’play in the our bedroom (our = 3 out of the 4) and switch out the too small with … Continue reading

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