It’s a small world. My small world.

My life is a little small right now. Maybe not the best time to start blogging. With the recent arrival of Little M&M, my days mostly consist of eating, feeding, sleeping, changing, cleaning, laundry, tweeting, facebooking, etc. The focus on the little one is absolutely where is should be, and splitting attention even with three-year-old Dot is a challenge. Thus, my world can feel small (but full! but busy!) and I feel rather boring. Still, I am determined to resuscitate my writer within so I will pick a topic or relay a moment or ponder a question.

Today I asked Dot what she thought she would be doing a her school today. She answered “maybe some crap.” And I say “some what?” And she says “some crap.” So I am cracking up at this point and she says “Mommy, crap is like art.”

Crap = crafts

It was a sweet moment and a much needed laugh after a long week, longer than that even, of dealing with horrendous colds around here. A sick kid is heartbreaking enough. But a sick barely two month old? Awful, awful. And I’d really like some less interrupted sleep, please.

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