Free time.

The baby is napping, the sister is “resting.” We spent all morning and the first part of the afternoon getting ready for, at, and coming home from Ikea. We actually live fifteen minutes from an Ikea so a quick trip is no big deal. Still, there is NEVER a quick Ikea trip. Not with kids.

So I have a undetermined amount of downtime. But is it free? Oh hell no. Here is what I should/could be doing: Homework. Emailing my academic adviser. Calling about a medical bill. Tackling the laundry that needs done. Following though on the clothes that are clean but not put away. Emptying the dishwasher. Prepping something for dinner. Exercising. Putting pictures in the new frames I just spent most of the day acquiring. Or even something fun and mindless, like watching TV or reading a magazine.

I am realizing that blogging will fill time that is already spoken for a few times over. So posts will be short. They may be random or infrequent. Which is really too bad because there is so much I ‘d love to say 🙂

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