I have been feeling incredibly frazzled the past few days. Maybe longer, but frazzled goes with the new baby territory and with busy lives in general. The last couple days have reached a new level of intensity, mostly in a physical, heart-racing, fight-or-flight, realm. I find myself darting around without focus and getting nothing done. I sigh a lot. I absentmindedly hit the refresh button. I’m irritable. I try to take deep breaths and reach search the cupboard for comfort food.

This is an obnoxious place. I hope to better manage my life in a way that lowers my overall stress level. From there I have got to shift at least SOME focus back to me and deal with stress differently. More exercise. Better eating habits. I know where Optimal Me is and that is somewhat daunting. I know I need to work out 3-4 times per week, minimum. I need to eat well, and regularly, and drink water like it’s going out of style. I need a coffee habit.

This last one I am fighting like nobody’s business. I am substituting tea and trying to limit myself to a cup every other day. I love my coffee but hate hate hate the dependence that comes with it. Especially when traveling. Especially when the mornings are already crazy and time-consuming enough (that’s another post brewing). Not to mention the breastfeeding factor. With my first I held off on a regular habit until four months. Hahaha, that’s a joke this go-round.

I’m looking forward to some semblance of peace and productivity the next two days as my oldest is at school and I “just” have the baby, house, homework, and myself to tend to. I gotta soak it up this week because my reserves are low and I am going to need it for some of the craziness ahead.

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