Weekend Seminars.

I am a college student. I am in my first senior year. Haha! That means that I’m almost done, but I have more than another year to go. Which is the short version, for now. I currently attend (and will received my Bachelor’s from) Portland State University, but I’ve also attended University of Oregon and four, yes FOUR, community colleges. I’ve had my share of ups and downs since high school but I’ve managed to stay in school as much as I could through it all. Schooling while parenting is a different experience but I feel blessed to go to school instead of work right now. I have a different level of flexibility and so much more autonomy than I would have otherwise.

Which brings me to the weekend seminar. Today I finished my second seminar of the term. Friday evening and Saturday consisted of ten hours of “Moving Beyond Trauma.” That is equal to one credit. In the past I’ve maintained full-time (12 credit) status, but this term, post-baby, I’m only going part-time. Last month I also did a seminar class (“Social Liberation Paradigms”) but it was all day Sunday too, so it was two credits.

Anyway, enough credit babble. These classes are so awesome for squeezing a few extra (and always much-needed) credits into my schedule without creating complete chaos in our day-to-day, week-to-week, life. I’m so lucky to have an amazing husband and parenting-partner that takes on childcare duties without question or complaint. I could never, ever, pursue what I do beyond the home-front without his support and assistance.

I’m not even sure what I was talking about anymore. Just trying to give a little update. Don’t want this space to lie dormant for too long, though powering through a class in less than twenty-four hours is a good excuse for skipping a day or two. Those seminars wear me out though, and I usually need a day or more to come out of the fog, kind of like coming home from a vacation.

Though Dot is having some of her preschool friends over for a Valentine’s Day party tomorrow morning. So no downtime here. But when is there ever? 🙂

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