Quiet Night.

This afternoon I had my one [weekly] on-campus class. Living in the ‘burbs (and schooling downtown) this equates to pretty much an entire afternoon. Pre-second kiddo, one class was a relaxing day. Now it means Daddy gets to baby-sit and there is pumping to be done and bottles to be made. Basically, it’s no quick jaunt to class. And I have to be mindful of making sure I’m showered for Tuesdays.

This afternoon I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, before picking Dot up from daycare/preschool. This was by her request, as I’d asked the night before if she wanted to go to the store with me or for me to go before I picked her up. She loves preschool 🙂

We got home about 5pm and Tony (husband and daddy extraordinaire) had already warmed some formally crock-potted, presently frozen taco soup on the stove. We had that and chips, raw veggies and dip, and re-heated some leftover chocolate fondue from Sunday’s preschool Valentine’s Day “party” to dip marshmellows and graham crackers in. Dot watched some of Toy Story 3. M&M cooed and kicked, smiled and gurgled, and is now sleeping in her swing. Tony is doing some post-dinner work in his office. I am writing this. Dot is now singing and *not* jumping on the couch, throwing the cushion on the floor. M&M is stirring.

I think the night is about to get louder.

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