It’s a tooth! Wait, it’s two teeth!

Baby's first tooth


Yes, it’s true. M&M, at just eleven weeks has almost cut her firth tooth. And there are two. She has a similar, tooth-swollen, bump on the other side.

Dot got her first tooth before four months. It was a bottom-middle and it’s mate burst forth just days later. And I thought that was early! Next she got the fangs that M will soon be sporting. I can’t believe I’ve got another fanged child. It must be genetics.

Thus far my little girl has been only marginally crankier than usual. Besides some extra drooling, only me scrounging around in her mouth with my finger gave her teething away. I’m kind of happy–it’s always nice to source a change in your little one, but also kind of in shock. Seriously, she was JUST BORN. The so-called fourth trimester hasn’t even ended yet! Can I please catch a break here and enjoy what is likely my last baby before she’s all in a hurry to hit the milestones of growing up?!

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