Friday ramble.

Right now I am watching  DVRed Oprah episode about her and her staff going vegan for a week. But it just started, so don’t spoil it. I am snacking on leftover V-day hearts (Sweetherts?) though I don’t know why, only the white ones are good. M&M is sleeping next to me in her Rock’n’Play.

Which, by the way is the best thing ever. We use it like a bassinet, but it is light and easily moved throughout the house plus it folds up and travels well. Best part, like $40?! It’s fantastic.

Dot is in her room, reading books, messing around, trashing it, all part of the bedtime routine. Unfortunately. Tony is…wait for it…out playing poker with some guys. Aw, good for him 🙂

So I am cross-legged on the bed with laptop watching Oprah, eating candy, blogging, and enjoying quiet. I got much of what I needed to done today. My two sisters and one boyfriend came over for dinner. The weekend is so free it’s astounding. No really, it’s like amazing. The only thing planned is a tentative afternoon movie date with NO kids. And so it’s good.

I’m happy to be blogging again. It’s fun to do for me.

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