Too small, too quick.

I really need to be getting non-blogging stuff done. Really need to tackle the mountain of assorted baby clothes in the pack’n’play in the our bedroom (our = 3 out of the 4) and switch out the too small with just a little too big. Yes, you read that right. TOO SMALL. Oh God, my baby is out growing things. M&M is in that weird in-between size where newborn is a bit tight (or full-on too short) but 3m is still pretty large. Though another girl was exciting because we could hand down some of Dot’s clothes, Dot was born in July and M&M at the end of November. Can we say seasonally inappropriate? Yes, yes we can.

I try to just do a lot of laundry.

And with us in the much-anticipated transition to cloth diapering in full swing the frequency of laundry will only increase. So not blogging. I got stuff to do.

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