A Princess Haircut.

We are pretty firmly entrenched in Disney culture around here. For better. For worse. For now. But that, the future of that, the joys of that, the possible implications of that, are another post. Plus, with a much-anticipated Disneyland trip in one week, that is not somewhere I’m willing to go. For today.

Dot, fresh out the womb.

Dot is three and a half. She was born with a full head of dark hair. Surprisingly full, considering both her dad and I were bald babies. Tony tells a story about my labor with her, which was less than ideal–to say the least. Anyway, as her head became visible he tells me she has a lot of hair and I say,

“Are you sure it’s not me?”

A ponytail at sixteen months.

Her hair never fell out. She could wear a clip in it from day one. M&M, on the other hand, is a little baldy but I must say that I am head over heels in love with her little head of peach fuzz. I’m glad to have had one of each. 🙂

Dot has worn her hair long since it was of the length to be considered as such. She never even had bangs. She has the same hair as my sisters and I do, straight, coarse-ish, and thick as can be. When she was little I could “do things” to/with it, so long as Sesame Street or something was on to distract her. Now, it’s a daily battle to even brush it, one that we don’t often have the energy to wage. Of all the parenting battles to pick from, hair is not on the top of my list.

Going to her first cut at two years old: JUST A TRIM 🙂

I’ve always asked her how she wants her hair, and she’s always said “long.” Perhaps that was, until recently I had long, and even very long, hair. She’s had hers trimmed twice and a few inches cut once. Always with her wanting it to stay long. But recently her answer has changed.

“I want short hair. I want short hair like..[insert BFFs name].”

“Oh you do?”

Dot at school recently doing what drives me nuts: playing with one hand and holding her unkempt hair out of her eyes with the other.

And I shrug it off. All her friends have short, bob-like hair. Yet for a couple months now Dot has been consistent with the wanting of short hair. And the not wanting of long hair. The understanding of both (yes short, no long) says something.

So she is getting a haircut on Friday. But not just a haircut, a Princess Haircut. Turns out when BFF recently got her hair cut her mom convinced her it was going to be a Princess Haircut. And she calls it that. And Dotter wants one. And that’s okay 🙂

In fact it’s kind of funny. With the recent release of Disney’s Tangled (i.e. Rapunzel for those not in the Disney loop) hair is a hot topic. So when Dot says Princess hair, I picture Long, blond, flowing Rapunzel hair. Or at the very least fluffy, yellow, Sleeping Beauty hair. Then again, the girl’s favorite princess is Snow White. She does have short hair. But long Rapunzel hair is not what my girl is thinking.

“I mean a Princess Haircut, Mommy. Like, when Flynn cuts Rapunzel’s hair at the end.”

Oh! She wants the normal hair. The carefree hair. Not the beautiful-but-kept-in-a-tower-so-your-supposed-mother-can-steal-your–magical-powers hair. Okay. I get it.

I get it.

But I still get to be nervous. I still get to struggle to let my baby be independent. I still get to stress until Friday about how it’s going to look, should we go with bangs or not go with bangs? Should we go with a chin-length A-line or a shoulder grazing bob? Will I cry? Does hair matter? Is she going to want her long hair back? Does she understand? Will she be relieved? Will I be relieved? Will she ever want to grow it out again?

I still get to be her mom.

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