So you had a bad day…

I really need to listen to that Daniel Powter song. Today pretty much sucked. But once in awhile that is the case. So I’m trying to keep that in perspective. Though I gotta admit, perspective is much easier to keep then my cool sometimes. Especially with the three-year-old. Oh God the three year old. Terrible twos are nothing; three has somewhat resembled a torture chamber.


  • I was seriously annoyed
  • and hopelessly overwhelmed
  • my usual parking garage was full
  • I got a blister…from my 18 month old Ugg boots (WTF?)
  • I got drenched twice, once by rain and once by hail.

Eh, that’s about enough of that. Whatever, dumb stuff happened. It’s time to move on. Tomorrow I hope for increased patience, snow(!), calmer children, a chance to shower, and some emotional clarity.

Four days until we leave for Disneyland! Yiiiiiiiiikes.

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