Fingers crossed for snow.

There is a chance of a snow day tomorrow in the Portland area and everyone is one high alert! We haven’t had significant snow fall this year (and only one brief event last year) so it’s kind of a big deal.

Especially for Dot who hasn’t experienced snow since the winter when she was a year and a half and therefore doesn’t really remember. So, this would be her first snow and our first snow in our new house. Which, by the way, this week is our one year anniversary as homeowners. We still really really love our house 🙂

And snow would be a great little treat, even if it would mean keeping Dot home from school and me losing one of my homework/housework days. I’m doing pretty well in that area so I can afford it. Dot got a snowsuit for Christmas. I just stocked up on winter wear. We found some sleds around town this week. We are ready!

Anytime now snow, anytime.

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