Disneyland: Why now?

Anaheim, CA The happiest place of earthWe are three days out from our Disneyland trip. Tony has been to Disneyworld but not Disneyland. I went to Disneyland twice as a kid (ages 3 and 11) and once as a adolescent on a band trip. The last time I went was in 2001. Our girls have not been. One is too excited to express, the other oblivious 🙂

Pretty much every time I think about this trip I tear up a little bit. I am so excited to experience this through Dot’s eyes, with her, with Tony, as a family, etc. There is also a ton of nostalgia for me, as I have fond memories of my first trip at her age and those two trips to Disneyland were the only “big” trips taken in my childhood.

So, why now? A number of factors converged to create our ideal scenario:

  • It’s the off-season. We are not into to battling crowds or spending our time in lines. Plus we are flexibly “employed,” me as a student (with a light schedule this term to boot) and him as an independent contractor. School is not an issue b/c our girls are littlies <3
  • My mother-in-law needed to use up some time share points that were going to expire and graciously allowed up to book lodging on her account just a few blocks and fifteen or so minute walk from the park. Not paying for a hotel has made this trip plausible where it otherwise just wouldn’t be. Bonus: timeshare = in-room kitchen + washer and dryer. So much better than a traditional hotel room, especially for a family and especially with a little spit-upy, poopy baby.
  • Before this trip even began to come to fruition we were mulling over when the ideal time to go would be. We’d missed the pre-baby window. At that point I was significantly pregnant and wanted to be able to ride the rides (plus just have an enjoyable, non-waddling experience). We thought we’d either wait until New Baby (as M&M was called before her birth–we didn’t find out her gender) was big enough to be left with grandparents, or old enough to enjoy. It seemed a shame to miss the magical (if not frustrating) window that three-years-old has been for Dot. But such is life.
  • Then, a friend of mine with a daughter a few month older that Dot and a son a few months older that M&M went to Disneyland in November. Her son was two months, and she reported back that it was doable! Even enjoyable. Something clicked and it made sense–the littler the babe is the better. Go before she’s mobile and while she’s still easily carryable–wearable–and prone to sleeping the majority of the time.
  • Last year we bought a house and had a baby. Can you say sizable tax return? Oh yes, to be deposited any day.

That’s why now. We could be crazy, attempting this at such transitional phase in our family, with a relatively short time of planning and preparing. But that’s kind of our style. We think, we mull, we act–quick. We are so excited to get this show on the road! As soon as we pack. And clean. And about a hundred other things…

Number three

Three days!

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