Snow Day, 2011.

Here’s how a snow day works in Oregon. First, there is about a week of speculation ending with a day or two of near frenzied will-it-or-won’t-it, stock up on necessities, watch every airing of the news (or, in these technological times, check The Weather Channel app on your iPhone constantly) pre-snow activity. People take choose sides. There’s team They’ve Got it Wrong [it never snows here] and team This is Happening [and we might all die]. It’s pretty fun 🙂

Trimet (our local public transportation) chains up on the forecast alone. Then flakes begin to fall. Everyone rushes home. People call into work. Activities are canceled. A few flakes stick. School is called off. The city shuts down. The local news breaks through scheduled programming. The bundled children stream out of their houses.

Portland, Oregon snow

Our backyard circa 8:30am.

For an inch.

Maybe two or three, but often that’s about what we get. This morning we woke up to about two inches. We had a couple snow showers but it had stopped around 9am. Two hours later everything had pretty much melted. And that, was Snowpocalypse 2011. Or, if you will, Snowlandia.

sugar-free hot chocolate and multi-grain rasin spice instant oatmeal.

Dot's breakfast of hot cocoa and oatmeal.

We kept Dot home. She went out and played with Daddy while M&M and I were still in bed. They came in and she had a warm-up breakfast. We started watching last year’s Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. M&M slept, smiled, nursed, slept, pooed, fussed, nursed, slept, played, fussed, nursed, pooed, played (it’s now 1:30). Dot and I built a snowman in the backyard. It began to melt. We came in and ate lunch. Now, “rests” all around. Resting for me, today, is blogging. For M&M, it’s pooing, nursing, and playing. For Tony, it’s working. For Dot, it’s messing around in her bedroom and *hopefully* passing out eventually.

It’s been a good snow day.

I hope we see a couple more flakes. My favorite is when it’s falling 🙂

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