Disneyland: The Plan.



One day!

Tomorrow’s the big day! Today we have no plans other than laundry, packing, picking up some last minute essentials (so far the only thing that’s on the list is snacks) and maybe fitting in a tad bit of pre-chaos relaxation. Bonus would be if we (the grown-ups) could get another Oscar nominee under our belts after the girls go to sleep and before the show Sunday evening. We are planning to watch from our room, it will be fun to think that we aren’t far from the actual festivities!

I’m going to give a quick rundown of our itinerary and mindset. We are very aware that we are doing a family trip. With a small baby and tantrum-prone preschooler no less. Our primary goal is to have and blast and make memories. Our secondary goal is to minimize discomfort (x4), avoid stressful situations, and circumvent meltdowns. We are not trying to do everything, see everyone, go everywhere. We hope to be returning in a few years when M&M is older, so we decided to skip some of the “must-dos” like character breakfasts and save them for another trip.

We’re renting! We decided to rent a car. This way we can hit up a grocery store for groceries the first day and make any trips that we may need/want to make in the four days we are there. Also, renting a car was marginally cheaper than paying for a shuttle for all of us to and from the airport.

We are also renting car seats. I have no idea how we would ever get both girls, their car seats, and our luggage to, from, and through the airport. I’m not sure if there would be a fee associated with checking them (these days I’d be surprised if the answer was “no”) but renting is about $50 for both.

We also decided to rent a stroller. We have a BOB jogger that is kind of a beast and a Graco IPO that folds up nicely. It’s kind of a conundrum because M&M is not really big enough to sit in a non-travel system stroller. We have an adapter for the BOB Revolution that works with her Graco Snugride 35 but that is a lot of gear to take to and from the park each day. Just this week I purchased an Ergo Performance to add to my sling collection as we plan to wear the little lady most of the time. I’m not even so concerned with a stroller for her as one to aid us in carting around all our stuff (diapers, wipes, snacks, clothes, jackets, camera, sling, Ergo, infant insert, etc.) and as an option for Dot if–when–she tires. With a carseat someone would have to carry the damn thing if the older one was to ride. So, we are renting a Sit’n’Stand stroller and I’m super excited about it. We don’t have one so it’s even better than bringing our own and should be perfect for our situation. Fingers crossed we can manage to appropriately prop M up when need be.

Oh my god, these logistics are crazy-making.

Disneyland and California Adventure ticketsWe have a forgiving timeline. We are flying out at noon. This means we need to leave our house around 9:30am. That’s pretty perfect timing. We’ll get to Anaheim in the early afternoon, get our rentals and have plenty of time that day to hit the grocery store, settle in, and maybe even catch the fireworks or World of Color show from the rooftop sundeck. We have 3-day Park Hopper Passes. This seems like a reasonable amount of time to explore both parks in a somewhat leisurely fashion. We have the freedom to come and go, and the liberty to follow through on “We can leave right now” threats, if need be. We bought our passes from AAA and got a discount plus it came with free Disneyland parking, if we decided to drive versus walk or shuttle to the park. Other than flights in and out and three designated park days, we have no schedule. Dot is a hit-or-miss napper at three-and-a-half so we plan to just see where each day takes us. Coming home may by a bit of a challenge, as we fly out a bit early (like nine or ten, I forget) but it will be pretty nice to be home in the early afternoon.

Convenience. Under this category I will add that we our park days are mid-week, off-season, on the tail end of some cold and rainy weather. We are hoping for a non-crowded park with short to non-existent lines. And if there are lines for some of the bigger attractions, we will be able to utilize the Baby Swap and get two rides for the wait of one. Well, at least Dot will 🙂

We are traveling light. Or aiming to. I haven’t packed yet. [Sidenote: I have no idea what to pack. It will be 30-40 degrees warmer than here the past few days. So spring-ish clothes. Which I’m pretty sure are still a few sizes small. Grrrr!] Yesterday I picked up a mess of travel size goodies at Target. Luckily we will have an in-room washer and dryer to help us stretch limited wardrobes.

We plan to bring a peanut butter sandwich (or sandwiches) and other snacks into the park so there is food Dot likes available at the earliest sign on a meltdown. She does not do well with hunger. I’m thankful that breastfeeding means no bottling supplies, I’m bringing my handheld pump and will likely either pump and dump, bring one bottle, or not bother at all. I’m not sure I am or will be up to the hassle.

That’s the plan, as formed or unformed as it is at the moment. We will see how it all goes down!

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