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Things to hate about today.

The baby got shots. I didn’t get a thing done. My book still hasn’t come. I ate way too much Easter candy. I haven’t worked out in a week. So many medical bills, so much effed up billing that needs … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday.!/robust_ly/status/53117291193303040

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Another first, today it was gymnastics class.

My elder daughter had her first gymnastics class tonight. Actually her first class of any type. She stayed home with me until she was two years old and change. Previous to that she had very little time with other kids. … Continue reading

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First ear infection.

I am currently having one of the silliest moments to date. It’s 6am on a Monday morning. I’m sitting on the floor of my master bath, blogging on my laptop. On the counter is a much-needed jolt of caffeine–steeping chai … Continue reading

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Too busy, too tired, too much.

Not much of a chance to blog lately. M&M is going through some kind of rough patch. Teething? A cold, maybe with sore throat? We are not sure, but it is manifesting itself it a couple crying jags during which … Continue reading

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Tweets of the Day

8:47am: Yesterday I made + ordered a photobook of our Disneyland pictures and now I can’t wait for it to come! 9:04am: So one of my profs hasn’t turned their grades in yet. It was a weekend class I took … Continue reading

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A break or a waste?

Time is such a precious commodity these days. The full robust life I want to lead is brimming with plans, dreams, projects and habits that I can’t possibly fit in. At least not all at once. Last term I only … Continue reading

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Baby nicknames.

A week away from four months (eek!) M&M has a handful of nicknames. Obviously, M&M being one of them. I blogged about Dot’s nicknames when she was around three months. Dot was her primary nickname then and it’s stuck. Though, … Continue reading

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Fear of rejection and social media.

I have a fear of rejection. Though it is less intense now than at other (any?) times in my life, it is still present. I still navigate gingerly around it. The fear I liken to a sleeping dragon, and the … Continue reading

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Such is life.

I’ve been wanting to blog the past few days but choosing instead to be present in the real life. Or listening to what life has chosen for me. Either way, I am enjoying the first quiet and unscheduled moment in … Continue reading

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