Disneyland: Part I – Getting there.

I have a feeling I will be working on the re-cap of this trip for days, or longer, to come. I’d like to be wrong though! We’ll see if I can bust it out while the memories are fresh 🙂

Sunday we were excited. Like, all caps EXCITED! I woke about 5am and Dot not long after. We left for the airport about 9:30am. The bags were a hassle. Security was a hassle. We were an amusing mass of too much stuff and too many kids with too few hands. But flying is a hassle. It was as we expected.

The flight went really well. I wore M&M on in a sling. She was awake but fell asleep before take-off. She slept through the first half of the two hour flight. Yep, just two hours. What a nice little flight. I have no interest in any longer for quite a while. That just sounds gross with the little ones.

Kid on Alaska AirlinesBut much of parenting is gross, isn’t it?

When she woke M was a happy little doll. Dot struggled to sit still and kicked the heck out of the seat in front of her, but that was the extent of any misbehaving. And mostly accidental, short legs are hard. It was fun to fly with her. Though not her first time (we flew to Iowa for her first birthday), the first she will remember. At takeoff she screamed with joy when the plane dipped and made her “tummy tickle.” It was clear she was ready for some Disneyland rides 🙂

We flew into John Wayne airport, just after noon. We got our rental (upgraded to a Hyundai Santa Fe–“research” for future car shopping) and our car seats and stroller were dropped off with perfect timing. Dot declared her seat “comfy” and M sat somewhat stunned in hers. The stroller was a beast but at least we didn’t have to fly with it! Plus, it was more appropriate then either stroller we owned, remember?

Stroller rental

We had a sunny and quick drive toward Anaheim, past our hotel, and to a local Ralph’s. We picked up a slew of groceries (a veggie platter, apples, oranges, plums, grapes, wheat bread, peanut butter, pickles, milk, diet coke, jelly beans, mini candy bars and pretzels is what I recall) and drove back to our hotel.

At this point is was 3:30-4pm. Dot fell asleep in the car. M&M cried to nurse. Tony checked us in and brought all our luggage to our room while I tended to the girls in the car. D got a good 30 minute nap. Good deal, because she was way to excited to go to sleep at a decent hour that night.

Once we got into our room (so nice by the way, definitely recommend the Wyndham resort. We had a living space with hide-a-bed, dining area with table, full kitchen and eating bar, two separate bedrooms and two full baths, all seemed new and nicely decorated) we had two main objectives.

  1. Dinner
  2. The Oscars

The show started at 5:30. Tony was working on some craziness he had rigged up some we could watch the show on their TV through our DVR at home (via his computer). Because live TV seems archaic. Not to mention risky with the little ones and their incessant needs, she says jokingly…but really. M slept for a couple hours in a pillow bed I rigged up in our bed while D watched Toy Story 3 on my laptop and ate these bomb dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets from the Chinese food place we ordered dinner. We watched the Oscars and went to bed.

The next day was, as Dot often said, “finally Disneyland.”

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