Disneyland: Part II

We woke up early. Like, 6am early. The park didn’t open until 10am! Which, for the record, is somewhat ridiculous for such a family friendly place. Oftentimes (not so much now but when she was younger) Dot is winding down for a nap about noon. She has always been an early riser. Disneyland should open earlier for sure! Anyway, we ate breakfast in our room (Fruit Loops for Dot and Daddy, peanut butter toast for me, breastmilk for M&M), got dressed and packed what we thought we’d need for the day.

Typically we brought this:

  • One stroller w/ infant car seat
  • Two kiddos
  • One messenger style backpack
  • Baby carrier (I brought the sling every day and the Ergo and infant insert just once. Never used it and it took up a lot of precious cargo space!)
  • Various extra clothing (layers for when it got colder, shorts/skirts for when it warmed up, bonus everything for the Tiny)
  • Four-ish diapers and copious wipes
  • Baby blanket
  • At least one peanut butter sandwich plus other snacks (goldfish, pretzels, fruit)
  • Three water bottles filled with water + ice
  • Chapstick, sunscreen, bandaids, kleenex, Advil
  • Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Sunglasses
  • Park tickets, cash, cards, photo pass acquired the first day, cell phones, etc.


  • The first day I wore Toms but brought more supportive shoes and socks.
  • The first day we bought an autograph book and pen so toted that thereafter.
  • Most, if not always, a princess dress-up dress for Dot. She’d brought a Cinderella one from home and acquired a Rapunzel one there.
  • I’m sure numerous other things I am forgetting. Much like in the last post when I detailed our grocery trip and have already mentioned two items that I forgot to add to that list!

You can see that we had a bunch of gear. For this reason we avoided taking any shuttles and walked the mile or so to and from the park each day. The mornings were actually pleasant. The nights I nicknamed “Walk of Pain.”

We left our hotel about 8:30 and walked the fifteen of so minutes through Anaheim Garden Walk to the Disneyland entrance. We entered on the shuttle side and went through the security checkpoint. We still had about an hour until the park opened and opted to got out into Downtown Disney to get some coffee, snacks, and browse a shop or two. We went into the World of Disney store, which excited Dot so much I’m pretty sure she thought it was Disneyland. It was like her utopia. This from the girl that lives for the Disney store at the mall.

While in the store (and pretty much throughout the entire trip) M&M garnered a lot of attention. One lady told me to ask for a “1st Visit” button for her. Lol, I was like,

“For her?! For my three year old! And my husband at that!”

disneyland buttonsYes, Tony was a Disneyland first timer as well. Though he went to Disney World as a kid. But they were out of buttons so we got these random ones (Honorary Citizen for M and I don’t remember for D) with “1st Visit” and their names written on with Sharpie. Oh well, we finally remembered to ask a different store our last night and got legit ones.

And then we made our way to the park.

Monday was the busiest day we were there by far. It was sunny and gorgeous. I wore a tank top the majority of the day! Coming from highs in the mid-30s the spring-like weather felt especially warm to us. We got in line just as they began letting people in and then waited on Main Street until in was 10am on the dot and they really let the masses go.

Hmmmm, I don’t actually remember that much about this part. I know Dot was beside herself. I think we probably have it on video. we followed the crown to Fantasy Land and immediately the lines were like “woah!” At first we didn’t want to wait in a single long one, but we became more seasoned by the end of the trip. I remarked at some point that Disneyland teaches the little ones a lot about patience. Dot is so very impatient so much of the time. I often hand her an iPhone for entertainment in line at the grocery store. so to see her wait without complain for 30+ minutes was miraculous, and a good learning experience.

Disneyland RideParenting Fail #1: As I tweeted, the first ride we went on was definitely our first big mistake–Snow White’s Scary Adventures. I guess when you get grown you forget how kids’ minds work. Snow White is Dot’s favorite princess and she has seen the movie tons of times. I didn’t even think she would be immensely scared on the ride. But she was. She cried. She was terrified. We later read a warning that it might be too scary for littlies.

And that explains the lack of a line.

After the disheartening first ride experience Dot and Daddy went of Dumbo while I watched and nursed M. This ride she loved and our happy girl was back. From here I’m not sure exactly what we did but I will try to give a rough rundown of the day, along with a few highlights.

It's a Small WorldI know we did Small World early on. We were all able to ride together and Dot really enjoyed it. It had been updated since I last rode (probably 2001) and had licensed characters (Cinderella, Stitch, Nemo, Jessie and Woody) throughout, kind of like Where’s Waldo. By the end of the ride D was mouthing along with the song and sung it throughout the rest of the day. Serious <3<3<3.

Damn, I can’t believe I already have no idea what we did that day, when. Pictures tell me a bit but I think we mostly videotaped, which I can’t refer to at the moment.

I think I’ll end it here.

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