Disneyland: Part III

Alright, this morning we powwowed to determine what we did the first day.

After a rather brief exploration of Fantasyland we made our way into Mickey’s Toontown. We saw Goofy from afar. He was not our first character sighting. I forgot to mention when we first entered the park we saw….somebody. I think Mickey? And maybe Goofy too and the Queen of Hearts for sure. Dot was interested but didn’t want to get anywhere near them. Wish we’d gotten the Queen’s autograph, we never saw her again.

Toontown photo op

The girl wasn't much into photo ops.

So, Toontown. We stopped in a shop to get some baby sunscreen. I’d thought to bring some along, but not for the babe and with her baldy head and the beating sun it was necessary, without a doubt. While we stopped to apply, Donald Duck made his entrance and walked right past us. Dot was pretty much terrified. This is nothing new, she’s always been scared of big dressed ups, despite being lucky enough to get to meet a few of her favorite’s in her short life (Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and all the Gabba Gabbas).

Then we went on Gadget’s Go Coaster. Well Dot and Daddy did. I had the baby and the camera. I got some great shots of pure joy as my girl love love loved her first real coaster. She was a big, big fan. Next we all waited in line to go on Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. This was our longest line yet at 10-15 minutes. Turns out baby couldn’t go so I stepped out with her. Neither of the two riders were big fans. Eh, live and learn. I was proud of Dot for going after the Snow White trauma.

And now we needed lunch. We wandered around a bit checking out menus and ended up at Café Orleans. It was delicious. Of course, we were forced to scarf our food whilst trading off baby holding and bathroom trips. We sharing some ah-may-zing garlic cheese fries with this to-die-for dip. I had a seafood herb crepe that was so good. Wish I’d been able to savor it more! Dot was eating a pb sandwich we’d made her so she just ordered this Tinkerbell punch they offered…and proceeded to call it “Munch” the whole trip. Cracked me up every time.

Cinderella in DisneylandSomewhat refreshed we set off to fulfill Dot’s new, and only, request–another roller coaster. It was a reoccurring theme throughout the rest of our trip.

Though we must have gotten sidetracked (so easy to do in Disneyland!) because pictures tell me we headed back to Fantasyland. At some point we tried to walk through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle but D got immediately spooked and refused to go any further. While we were over in that direction we saw Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and not far from her Cinderella herself. Again Dot didn’t want to get close, though she was very awed and excited to see her first princess. I snapped a pic in case we didn’t see her again.

Disneyland Tea Cups

Daddy and Dotter waiting in line.

Dot and Tony went on the tea cups together. I am seriously motion sickness prone and that is a ride I will forever avoid. The line wasn’t long, 10-15 minutes probably. I think this was the time I was wearing M and walking continuous circles around the ride trying to get her to sleep. No luck, as you will soon find out. They had a blast and I, again, got some cute pictures.

And then we had our Worst Ride Experience.

We waited in line for Storybook Land, and it was a long one. Babe was fussy, sleepy and maybe hungry. We waited at least 30 minutes but it felt longer. This was before we knew/were comfortable with someone (usually me) tending M while the other two waited and we all joined at the front of the line. I am overly sensitive (Tony would say) to what other people think/feel so I always worry we are bothering people, or angering them, or ruining their experience, etc. This instance is one of those situations.

M&M fussed off and on the entire line. I figured she just wanted to nurse to sleep. I’m not shy about public nursing, but standing up, in a smashed together mob of people? I’m a bit too modest for that, especially with only a tank top on. We finally got on the boat and I immediately whipped the boob out and….she wouldn’t latch on. Just screamed. And screamed. And I tried not to cry. I totally felt like the worst parent, and fellow rider, ever. Why would we take a screaming baby on a ride? Well, of course I thought she wouldn’t scream. But she did. And I felt horrible.

Baby Care Center

Apparently Dot enjoyed the ride a lot but I didn’t notice a thing about it. As soon as we got off I bee-lined for the Baby Care Center apologizing to M the whole time for neglecting her needs. Disgruntled kiddos are just the worst.

On the way we saw Ariel out and about and Tony carried Ali over to get her first autograph. I scrambled to grab the camera and got a few funny shots of Dot hiding her face in Daddy’s shoulder in Ariel’s presence but donning a ginormous smile as they walked away. Silly, silly kid 🙂

The Baby Center was so nice, though we only went two times I think because it’s quite a trek from where we were most of the time. I changed M and went to nurse her but she just screamed again. Okay, sleepyhead, I get it. Overtired and likely overstimulated. I left and caught up with our other half getting a snack (or in the kiddos case, a hot dog for second lunch) on Main Street. I swaddled the babe up on an outside table and walked back and forth until she fell asleep.

Tiana in French Market, DisneylandFrom there we walked through New Orleans Square on our way to see the other side of the park. And there was Tiana! Tiana is a favorite around here. The Princess and the Frog was the second movie Dot saw in a theater (Up was the first), and we all love the soundtrack. I manned the babe and the camera while the two Ds stood in line for a meet and greet and autograph. Dot still demanded to be held but didn’t hide her face quite as much.

Baby steps of improvement here 😉

Good God, there is so much more to say then I realized. This little series is getting to be quite epic in proportion! Next up, the girl’s favorite ride. Here’s a hint: it’s a roller coaster!

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