Disneyland: Part V – Day Two dawns.

We freaking owned our second day. For a number of reasons.

  1. We had a Magic Morning pass to get in an hour early.
  2. We had a game plan.
  3. We had a better idea of the layout and general flow of crowds.
  4. With a day under her belt, Dot could better decide what she really wanted to do.
  5. The park was way less crowded.

Dot woke at 6am. Seriously, kid? You’d think she’d have been exhausted after a full day and no nap. We ate breakfast in our room, packed our mess of necessities and left about 8:15am. Though we could enter the park at nine, only select rides were open. Our main goals of the day were Pixie Hollow and Rapunzel’s Tower. Both were musts for our D-O-T and had hour plus long lines the day before. Also, neither were open for our extra hour. Bonus was The Princesses, but we weren’t sure we could fit that in. We also hoped to make our way over to California Adventure and explore a bit so we could start our last day with a clear idea of what we still wanted and needed to hit.

Dressed as Cinderella at Disneyland

Dot in her Cinderella dress waiting at the Disneyland entrance.

This day Dot opted to wear her Cinderella dress. She looked pretty darn cute and I got some pictures while we waited to be let in that I will forever treasure. She was somewhat rested and excited, the light was great, happiness was in the air 🙂

We headed immediately to Tomorrowland, avoiding the first-thing Fantasyland craziness. Per our game plan, we headed first to the Buzz Lightyear ride, which was pretty cool. You get little lazer guns and there are targets to shoot throughout the ride. Dot liked it, Tony owned it, I did my best and M was enthralled.

Next, Space Mountain. Apparently Dot’s love for roller coaster ran deep enough to trump the darkness factor. She was all for a roller coaster in the dark. I didn’t go with her, Daddy did, but M&M and I wanted at the exit and I had the genius idea to get the video camera out. I haven’t seen it yet, but I know there is footage of my three-year-old, Cinderella dress and all, getting off of Space Mountain. By the way, the line was less than ten minutes. Dot didn’t freak out but didn’t want to go again either. So I went by myself. The entire time in awe that my little girl had just done it. That ride is fierce! Proud doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Disneyland Pixie Hollow Iridessa

Iridessa in Pixie Hollow

Our plan was to be in line at Pixie Hollow to meet Tink and an unknown friend before it opened at 10am. Of the three we wanted to hit, Tink opened at 10, Princesses at 10:30, and Rapunzel at 11. M and I waited while the other two went on a ride. They got back just in time and in we went to meet Iridessa. Only Dot wouldn’t get near her. She had assured us that she wanted to meet the Princesses–and especially Rapunzel–and that she would not be shy. So as we continued on to Tink she was told that if she didn’t talk to Tink and take a picture, we weren’t going to wait in line for anyone else. She did great with Tink and didn’t even need to be held! And afterward was so sweetly proud of herself.

This brings us to Parenting Fail #2. At least, right? The second day we forgot the autograph book! This was realized as we were in line for Pixie Hollow. We felt awful (and later found out D had hidden it in a “nest” she made on the couch in the hotel room, so we didn’t feel quite so bad), but I tried to convince Tony (and myself) that it wasn’t such a big deal. When he later appeared with a newly purchased one I could only half-pretend to be mad 😉

Tangled in Disneyland

Rapunzel's Tower

Next we got in the Tangled Meet and Greet line. While there, we found out Rapunzel comes five times a day for an hour and the line closes once it gets full. That explained the constant 90minute wait the day before. So, she comes at eleven but you ought to be there at ten, again at one but the line closes around noon. Tony scored first place in line around ten-thirty. He stood with the babe while I took D on the Carrousel, then I took M to the Baby Center because by that point we’d lost the other two pacis we brought. The only two that she would take. We have Soothie girls, all the way. D used the newborn one exclusively until she gave it up about two. Though the Baby Center only had Nuk Size 2 pacifiers, the little one did great and is still using it. Crisis averted!

We were the first in to see Rapunzel and Dot did fantastic. She was obviously hitting her groove! At this point it was about just after 11am and we’d already crossed a bunch of big things off of our list! We were feeling pretty fantastic as we headed over to New Orleans Square to do some of the old favorites before the crowds moved that way.

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