Disneyland: Part VII – And she rambles on.


Disney California Adventure California' Screamin

California Screamin

So I was off in the last installment. After we toured A Bug’s Land we continued down to Paradise Pier in search of a roller coaster. Because, remember, Dot was asking for one? There was the massive California Screamin’. And I mean massive. Dot was not even close to the required height (I think 48″) but this was not something she could comprehend.

“You’re not big enough.”

“I AM big.”

Yes, dear, you’re big. We tell you you’re so big all the time. But for this ride? Not big enough. It’s hard to hear. Plus, she’s exhausted and excited. Not the most rational combination. I take her instead on King Triton’s Carousel during which time the little one has a massive blow-out that requires an entire outfit change. Daddy deals with it handily, much to the surprise of a bystander who tells me when I return that “dad’s are so hands on these days.” Um, yeah. I don’t know why it was ever any other way!


California Adventure turtle talk with Crush

Talking with Crush

Then we went to the Aladdin Show and caught the Pixar “parade”. After which we once again owned it by walking straight from the parade into the just-beginning Turtle Talk with Crush. Dot got a major kick out of it. Basically Crush appears on a big screen and interacts with the theater of kids and parents watching. He asks questions, and answers questions, and it’s pretty amusing, in my opinion. Previously sleeping in her car seat (which we were able to unhook from the stroller and bring in with us), M woke and Tony stood in the back with her. The whole thing was probably fifteen minutes.

Then we went on the Monster’s Inc. ride. Dot really liked it, even though it was in the same dark ride style as the Fantasyland rides she was now terrified of. The next day she wanted to go again, but we didn’t end up making it happen.

At this point it’s past 3pm and we are starving. Tony and I couldn’t remember having lunch earlier, but it just came to me. Yet another omission of the previous post. Grrrrrr!

After the Haunted Mansion and before heading out of the park and running into Belle, we stopped for Mickey-shaped Beignets at the Mint Julep Bar. This was kind of a reward for D doing so well on the Haunted Mansion. What started as a snack quickly became lunch as we realized we were starving. Basically a theme of the trip; I seriously felt like I couldn’t get enough calories in to keep up with all that were going out. Tony got us some lunch while I fed M and D worked out her beignet.


Disnyland New Orleans Mickey beignets

Ours were the to-go version of this.

The beignets were SO GOOD. After watching Tiana we had been on a beignet hunt for the better part of last year. We finally found some in the summer at fenouil in Portland’s Pearl District. Dot was a big fan, but the Disneyland version showed fenouil’s up, handily.

Anyway, we got additional fuel from the French Market Restaurant. Once again, delicious! Hard to tell if it was the food or our empty stomachs but everything we had in Disneyland was really good. Tony and I split the Plantation Citrus


Disneyland new orleans french market restaurant

Plantation Citrus Chicken -- YUM!

Chicken and Dot had the Mac and Cheese Toddler Meal. I freaking loved the toddler meals inside Disneyland, they were the perfect size for our light eater and it was a relief to be able to get something she would eat (D tends to be a picky eater) without having to be throwing a bunch of food away. This particular meal was $3.99 for a cup on mac’n’cheese, some applesauce and a milk. Not bad for park food!

Which brings me back to our return to Disneyland. Dotter was stoked. We were all hungry. We headed for Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante, which I guess Tony had heard was good, quick food. Except I think we walked in, saw the kid’s selections, and walked out. D was hellbent on chicken nuggets so we went in search of some. We found a kid’s meal with chicken strips and apples at the Golden Horseshoe. While Tony was inside getting Dot’s food, she sat outside in the stroller and I was walking fussy/sleepy M back and forth a few feet away. I saw a Dland employee

Disneyland Frontierville Dining

Rancho del Zocala

pass and look suspiciously at the unattended child. Not long after another employee came by and did a similar double-take. This one asked if she was mine, to which I of course answered “yes.” It was nice to know they were always watching out.

After getting D’s food we went back to Rancho for some grown-up food. I got the Mahi Mahi tacos and, again, they were seriously delicious. Even somewhat cold, and eaten with one hand, as meals often are with the little one. We also got some chips there, Crispy Chips con Limon, that were to die for.

From the outdoor dining area we could see Thunder Mountain, which was planned because that’s where we were headed next. Dot had been itching for roller coasters all day, and Thunder Mountain specifically since her first taste the day prior. After dinner her and Daddy ran to get in line, M and I headed for the exit to wait for them. They went, then her and I went, and then we repeated. It was a walk-on time of day and we went at least four times, maybe more. Dot didn’t want to stop, and it took a promise of princesses to drag her away. Even then, she wasn’t happy about it.

Next up, we are still owning our second day 😉

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