Disneyland: Part VIII – Two days down.

Okay. So. Is this really still dragging on? Why yes, yes it is. I doubt I will ever ever start such a re-cap again, but having a detailed depiction of one family vacation will be interesting. Plus, my parents like it, so that’s nice 🙂

Disneyland Princesses

"The Princesses"

We learned our first day that if you are in line for a ride when the park closes (which, when we were there, was 8pm) then they will let you ride regardless. We decided to use this little tidbit to get us in to see the princesses in the Princess Fantasy Faire Tuesday evening. While Dot and I took a last ride on Thunder Mountain, Tony and M got in line for the princesses. This was one of the longest, slooooowest, lines in the park and could easily eat two hours or more of your day. And that’s on an off-season, mid-week day.

Princess autographs

Dot and her autograph book.

Getting in line at 5pm was genius! While Tony waited, Dot and I got in line for the Alice ride, but after about ten minutes he texted us to come back. I can’t imagine doing Disneyland before cell phones! Or without a partner, for that matter. I think overall he waited about an hour. The princesses are hidden from view and the kicker is that you don’t know who is going to be back there. As we got to the front of the line the Disney handler there gave us hints about who it was (she’s from Agrabah, Paris. etc.).

Meeting Princess Jasmine in Disneyland

Meeting Jasmine.

Ironically the four princesses back there were all ones we’d already seen: Tiana, Belle, Ariel, and Jasmine. We’d seen Jasmine walking across Main Street the day before but she didn’t stop for an autograph. Plus, remember, we were on autograph book number two? So we got Ariel and Tiana’s autographs for the first time in that book (and D was finally done hiding her face), Belle a second time, and had a first legit Jasmine encounter.

We were also better versed in the Princess Fantasy Faire. For example, we learned that if you are there when it opens at 10:30am (half hour after the park does) the princesses make a grand entrance and you can see who is back there. This was good to know because Dot had yet to see her favorite princess Snow White.

And then exhaustion began to set in. We went back to the line for the Alice ride. We had rode it once before. On the first day, before Tony and Dot went on the tea cups, but I forgot. I had that whole timeline a bit off. It turns out after Dot covered her eyes on the Matterhorn with Daddy we went over the Fantasyland and went on the Alice ride, where we waited a good 20-30 minutes in line and she again covered her eyes the entire time. I was in the back with M, so I didn’t know until we got off, but Tony was livid! Luckily she did great on the tea cups after. Now, her second time, she actually experienced the ride.

And loved it.

Here is a video of the ride (not ours) if you aren’t familiar:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TgtLCIULv4]

No surprise she was a big fan; Alice in Wonderland is one of her favorite movies. She has likely watched it the most out of any. While were were in line the baby was fussing and fussing. She was hungry and tired and everything in between. The fact that I took an overstimulated three-month-old on this particularly acid trip-like ride is not something I am proud of. Fingers crossed she is not scarred for life.

Huge sucker from Disneyland

It was about two feet of this.

In hopes of redeeming myself, we headed to the Baby Center afterward. I changed and nursed the babe while Daddy took Dot to get a treat I’d promised to get her to return to the Princess line with me. When I emerged from behind the breastfeeding curtain to find them, D was happily carrying a sucker nearly the size of she.

*eye roll* on my end.

At this point it was getting dark quick, and nearly 7pm. We walked down toward the entrance and saw Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto. Dot got all of their autographs, gave hugs, and was all smiles. Maybe it was the sugar, but we think total exhaustion must have lowered her reservations. She picked out a mouse ears hat and got her name and “2011” embroidered on the back.

Disneyland Mouse Ears hat

From the front.

We left Disneyland and headed over to California Adventure to catch World of Color at 8:15pm. It showed every night we were there at that time, but we figured this would be the night to catch it because we were already (still!) out and because the next night, our last, preceded an early morning to catch our 10am flight home.

Unfortunately we didn’t know to grab a World of Color FastPass earlier in the day so we ended up on the backside watching. We grabbed a bench about forty-five minutes before the show started. It was not the best spot but it was a seat and we nearly could not stand anymore. M was sleeping in her sling, but restlessly, so I ended up walking with her up and down Paradise Pier while we waited for the show to start. I was exhausted and hungry and everything closed at 8pm. Luckily we had some of those delicious lemon tortilla chips left to dig in to.

World of Color

World of Color - also from the front 🙂

The show was cool. Even from behind, though I would definitely recommend seeing it from the front! Dot was into it, which surprised me, I was sure she’d fall asleep. We snuck out just as it was ending to beat the crowds and insure we made it back to the hotel before passing out. We got back about 9:15pm, thirteen [packed] hours after we’d left.

It was hardcore.

The next morning? Dot was still up at six.

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