Three Months.

Three month old baby girlThe babe of the household is now three months old. Actually she’s coming up on three and a half months, but my blogging has obviously been otherwise engaged. M&M is such a little sweetheart, and I just adore her to pieces. She is generally mellow and content. She loves individual attention and can’t get enough of her big sister. She takes bottles from Daddy happily but prefers a boob from Mom. She handles chaos like a champ but is happy to return to the routine. She is a spitter and keeps me in the laundering business!

At three months she is smiling constantly, babbling consistently, teething furiously, and just being a doll. I wish I could freeze time now while she’s content to just be with me and still happy laying on the bed or the floor without worries of impending (or actual!) mobility. Despite one afternoon of repeated rolling over from tummy to back, she has yet to repeat the feat. And I’m certainly okay with that 😉

She sleeps so well at night, usually about twelve hours and most of that in my arms. I think I’m should be burdened by that, but for the most part I love it. Though a few hours of her in her bassinet next to my bed are ideal.

I’m so not ready for this girl to continue growing so fast as she is.

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