Tweets of the day.


7:18am: Used to live a block from the Pacific on the #oregoncoast. Whole family watching news in bed.

9:37am: Why is #Obama just talking about oil on such a tragic day? Ugh! #firstworldproblems

9:40am: I know our neighborhood is the likely attraction but when there are regular landscaping ads on our door it’s hard not to be a bit offended!

10am: Just #wiifit-ed for the first time in over a year. Time for this journey to begin, I’m thinking. #babyweight #losingit #fitness

10:37am: 30 min of #boxing before the babe woke. But I was dying anyway 😉 Gonna hurt tomorrow–in the BEST way possible. Been missing my toned arms.

10:42am: Yes! The MacBook is back, clean as a whistle and with a new logic board. Forty-eight hours is a pretty impressive turnaround #AppleCare!

10:43am: I’m chatty today. #gladtohavetheoption #heartyoutwitter

2:19pm: Wearing sleeping babe. Walking in the sun. Listening to #Weezer. iPhone in one hand. Kleenex in the other. #multitasking

2:32pm: Is there anything more satisfying than the weight of a sleeping baby on your chest? #calm #complete

5:34pm: It’s amazing what a sunny Spring-like Friday can do for the soul.

7:55pm: Same problem as last night. I can’t put the baby to sleep because I keep waking her with my coughing. Ugh. #cosleepingcon

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