A week of cloth diapering.

Cloth DiaperingThis afternoon marks one week, not only of actively cloth diapering, but actively NOT using disposable diapers. We have made it one week without. Though I am not at all overly opposed. I still have a few ‘sposies tucked in my purse and an emergency one in the car and an entire sleeve in the house. The need just didn’t arise this week.

And if that changes, for whatever reason in the future, I’m okay with that. This is just about less for us. Less money. Less waste. Less Target trips. Less. I’m planning to switch to reuseable wipes in the near future as well.

That being said, moderation people! There is no need for throwing around always and never. I don’t know what the future holds, but there is absolutely no reason for stress and guilt to rear their ugly heads around idealized extremes. Except for the justification of running extremely small laundry loads, one cloth diaper used once every 2-3 days, for two years, could save at least two hundred disposables from filling (and not rotting in) a landfill.

And now I will descend from my soapbox.


Our first week went well. Our current “system” includes:

I washed diapers roughly every other day. The Fuzzibunz are my favorite but having to wash the entire thing for the tiniest poo or pee feels kind of ridiculous. I want to love the gDiapers so much and their concept is definitely my favorite, but so far I just don’t. The Flip system is my go-to for day; Fuzzibunz for night.

The Cutey is weird, we got it at some consignment sale. I hate the velcro of the AIOs, but appreciate being able to just grab them quickly and be done with it. Having a few of these is a definite must-have for a stash, says me. Although, they do take much longer to dry.

I understand the utility of the One-Size but I wish I could justify sizing the entire way up. I hate for M to have a ton of bulk on her. The FBs don’t seem super bulky, and the Flips are alright too, but that BG Elemental is a beast. I actively avoid using it. Granted, M&M is likely not yet 12lbs.

And that is my week one run down.

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