Spring Break Goals.

  • Keep up with the working out. Avoid having to go through the first-day boxing soreness again.
  • Start making M&M’s room feel more like a place of her own instead of a random crib in the corner of a catchall extra bedroom. Perhaps even get her sleeping in there once in awhile.
  • Start tracking prices on baby monitors. Fetch one up when the getting is good.
  • Print out Disneyland pictures and make a photo album.
  • Deal with the stack of hospital and doctor’s bills.
  • Purchase a spring coat. Preferably a trench.
  • Cook more: Make and freeze at least one meal. Try one new recipe. Make one old favorite.
  • Remember that this is just one week and the only thing on hold is schoolwork (of which I didn’t even have a ton of last term anyway). I will not be able to do it all, or even that much more than usual. Oh, but I will likely try 😉
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