Afternoon Cook-a-thon

This post is not only “through the iPhone” but being drafted on my phone, in my bed, with a drowsy but not yet sleeping girl at the breast.

This morning I decided some kitchen time was in order so I pulled out about four recipes and then of course had to run to the store for something here, something there before I could begin. Thus, and afternoon cook-a-thon.

I started by getting dinner in the crock pot, a white enchilada chicken casserole recipe that I added a bunch of peppers to. Yum. And easy. Not super great for you but not awful either.

Then I made one of my favorite soups, a Chicken Coconut soup with a strong Thai taste that keeps you coming back for more. I had a bowl, put a good amount in the fridge and two portions in the freezer.

I also made some pumpkin zucchini bread. For some reason I doubled the recipe and ended up with two loaves of bread and twenty-four muffins. I froze one loaf and half the muffins.

For dinner I simply roasted some cauliflower with olive oil, salt and curry. So damn good. It’s a repeat for sure!

I’m pretty happy to have an overflowing fridge and a few goodies in the freezer. Good start to the weekend.

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