Such is life.

I’ve been wanting to blog the past few days but choosing instead to be present in the real life. Or listening to what life has chosen for me. Either way, I am enjoying the first quiet and unscheduled moment in a number of days. Dot is at school (she is home Sat-Mon and Wed, so there is one of the reasons life picks up those days), M is napping in her swing, Tony is working in his office.

Our free-ish weekend ended up being something of a busy blur. Though tiring, I think that speaks to the fullness of our life in a joyous and fulfilling way. Isn’t that an optimistic bent? No really, we had a good weekend filled with friends, family, fun, and food. We went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese early Saturday morning and had a get-together at our house Saturday night to watch the first Timbers MLS game (in Denver). Sunday we trekked out to Washington Square and then had a impromptu dinner and get-together with extended family at my parents’ house that night. Monday we stayed home to recuperate (save a quick library trip) and tend to the house. I could tell both girls were worn out yesterday when they napped easily and went to bed early.

This is a boring entry. I have so much to say but often no guarantee of time or opportunity to say it and so I avoid, procrastinate, start with saying something–anything. I strive to fill the space instead of saying something of worth. Not my goal, but I need to take what I can get more than I’d prefer these days.

Getting back in the groove.

As for my Spring Break goals, I am plugging away on some more than others. I’ve been consistent with my [virtual] boxing, but that’s about it. I’d like to fit some yoga in there and more walks working toward jogging. Though I can blame the weather on that front for sure. I dealt with some of the bills, and tried to find a coat but no luck. No progress with M&M’s room or the baby monitor hunt. I’m not too worried about either of those. I’m going to upload and order some Disneyland pictures today.

thai-inspired pasta toss

A massive batch.

And the cooking? I’ve been doing great with the cooking. There was the Friday cook-a-thon and yesterday I made the husband’s favorite (or one of them). This is a recipe from Cooking Light that I first made about three years ago. It has been a favorite ever since, though I make it a lot less lately. Probably because I cook a lot less in general 😉

The recipe is called Sesame Chicken and Noodles and it is one of the few I follow to a T, with the exception of cooking the chicken up with more flavor (cooking it in a sweat-like combination of ingredients, normally inclusive of [but not limited to] oil, garlic, red pepper, lime/lemon juice, sugar). I doubled the recipe and we will likely eating the results all week. No problem there; it’s delicious and decent for you. The last this I need to do to meet my cooking goals is try something new. I don’t think roasted cauliflower counts.

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