Baby nicknames.

A week away from four months (eek!) M&M has a handful of nicknames. Obviously, M&M being one of them. I blogged about Dot’s nicknames when she was around three months. Dot was her primary nickname then and it’s stuck. Though, to be honest, IRL (in real life) she is more often referred to by an extreme shortening of her birth name. In case you haven’t figured out Dot is short for Daughter, as she was often called. We may now have two daughters, but Dot is her name. Other nicknames for Dot as a baby included: Tiny, Tiny Buns, Tiny Pants and Sweet Girl.

M&M’s nicknames seem more meaningful, probably because they include those her sister has bestowed upon her. The favorite when she was little was Cutes (which melts my heart) and more recently Funny. There were a couple weeks M was referred to by D as Funny almost exclusively. I also call her Bunny, which started as Honey Bunny, but was quickly shortened. She gets called Baby a lot too, likely in contrast to her not-at-all babyish sister. Or a throwback to her in utero nickname New Baby. And, of course, M.

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