Tweets of the Day

8:47am: Yesterday I made + ordered a photobook of our Disneyland pictures and now I can’t wait for it to come!

9:04am: So one of my profs hasn’t turned their grades in yet. It was a weekend class I took in early January. #WTF

9:31am: Since Saturday we have caught [killed] four mice in the garage. EEEEEeeeeeeeee.

9:55am: Really loving on the little one today as I feel awful about last night. Also I may need a break, but obviously her needs are not mine.

9:56am: But now, she is down for first nap and I am madly picking up and hoping to get a workout in. #shouldntbetweeting

11:25am: Just made three calls and three appointments. #fillingthecalendar

11:45am: Wearing babe in the Moby, front-facing, for the first time. Been about forty-five minutes and she’s just chill. #babywearing

11:56am: Just made overdue progress on getting estimate for outdoor window cleaning to use #Groupon that expires in less than a month. #productivity

2:22pm: Making pumpkin chocolate cupcakes. Because I’m a glutton for punishment like that.

3:30pm: Watching #ouramerica again. This time #praythegayaway. Rocking baby. Really feeling for those in deep pain, whatever side they’re on. #OWN

4:00pm: I want to be @lisaling when I grow up.

5:02pm: I’m seriously missing my happy easy baby right about now.

6:53pm: Watching my three year old watch Mary Poppins in amazement. #hightlightofmyday

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