Too busy, too tired, too much.

Not much of a chance to blog lately. M&M is going through some kind of rough patch. Teething? A cold, maybe with sore throat? We are not sure, but it is manifesting itself it a couple crying jags during which she is unwilling to be comforted, naps topping out at thirty minutes, and wanting to be held (or worn) constantly.

It’s wearing me out a little bit.

So that’s where my free time (and free headspace) have been going. How can I comfort her? How can I get her to sleep better and subsequently feel better? How can I get her to sleep alone and subsequently get me to feel better? I’ve been tiptoeing into some kind of sleep routine. I waited way too long to implement scheduling with Dot (ahem, until 13-14 months) and won’t make the same mistake. Still, I’m not super gung-ho about making the transition to scheduled naps and scheduled life (x2).

I foresee a large amount of my time in the immediate future being spent hovering over and around an almost-but-not-quite-asleep four month old. Sleeping training babies is one of the hardest, most frustrating and mysterious things. And somehow you can’t quite grasp how you did it before.

Because you were so damn tired.

Also, school starts tomorrow. I’m mostly just taking one class, and online at that, but I’m totally OMG-ing about how I’m going to fit it in. And do so with some nod to life balance.

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