First ear infection.

Tea and whipped cream.I am currently having one of the silliest moments to date. It’s 6am on a Monday morning. I’m sitting on the floor of my master bath, blogging on my laptop. On the counter is a much-needed jolt of caffeine–steeping chai tea and a can of whipped cream.

How did I get here?

First, the whipped cream. I used the last of my half & half in yesterday’s afternoon tea. That’s simple enough.

Second, the 6am. Well I’ve been awake since 4:30m. I’m not complaining though because that is more rest than others in the house. I sleepily realized around 3am that my husband was not in bed with baby and me. I found it odd but not worrisome, as we have an extra queen bed in the “baby’s room“. I hoped he was in there and not still up working.

When I next awoke it was to Dot crying. I heard her Daddy handling her, calming, soothing, and them moving around and going downstairs. I listened closely for signs of barfing and, thankfully, heard none.

Please, please just don’t be barfing, I thought.

I was hesitant to de-wedge myself for my little sleeper so I texted the husband.

Sick Kid TextAbout 5am I leave M and go downstairs. Dot and Daddy are on the couch watching Aladdin. She is burning up. I take her temp: 103ยบ

After a bit they both got back to sleep on the couch. I retreat to my laptop on the kitchen table and log in to my online class that opened up this morning. I breathe a bit easier to know what the next ten weeks will entail. I stew a bit over my book not yet arriving.

I shiver. My head hurts.

I need caffeine.

I “make” a cup of tea. I use that term loosely because we have hot water readily available so to do so is quick, painless, and somewhat quiet. Adding the whipped cream would not be. So I grab my laptop, cup, canned cream, and head upstairs.

There is something about this morning’s events that are kind of exciting. Would I normally wake at five and leave the baby asleep by herself? No. Would it be nice to know I could? Why yes, yes it would.

Then I can begin assuming guilt for not waking up before sunrise to get some exercise in…because that’s really how it goes, isn’t it?

I want to be near the girl, to assist if she stirs, but not close enough to disturb her. And so I’m here, on the bathroom floor.

Only now it’s 6:30am and my cup of tea is half drank. The girl has stirred, sleep-pooed even, but been lulled back to sleep by a paci insertion. Something Daddy could do if he was in bed with her and I was not.

Good to know.

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