Through the iPhone: My Friday


Whipped cream and sprinkles for breakfast.

April Fool's Day surprise silly breakfast for Daddy: Whipped cream and sprinkles, happily eaten by Dot.

Family breakfast

Breakfast for the girls. Please disregard the insisted upon but oh-so-sixteen months ago sippy cup. All the other pink cups were in the dishwasher :/


Now playing on the itty bitty iPod Nano

Now Playing.

My Boxing Girl.

My boxing girl.

It's about 60º in Portland, OR!

Finally broke the 60º barrier!

The back of my car after a trip to Costco.

Costco Run!

My baby sucks and spits all down my arm.

M&M drool all down my arm. Per the norm. Can't wait to wear less sleeves and have less laundry!

What's for dinner.

Decided on dinner.

Mom's lunch, disorganized and late.

My belated lunch: leftover curry roasted cauliflower with cashews and cilantro, mango and cottage cheese, V-8.

Spring sunshine in Portland, Oregon

If the sun is out in PDX, so must we be. At least this time of year.


Dinner: the recipe from above, steamed brocolli, and burnt rice-a-roni (sigh).

Family game night

A few games of Hi-Ho Cherry-O before bed.

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