Grassroots: A field guide for feminist activism.

I’m reading Grassroots by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards for a class this term. This passage just struck me as so true, of both life in general and my life. It’s where I am, my family is, and many of our circle has found themselves.

This may also be the time you organize (and let lapse) a book club or knitting circle. Friends, and you as well, start to get very protective of their personal time. Dinner plans are made weeks in advance and suddenly require confirmation the day of. It can be a very isolating juncture, especially if you aren’t going the route of having a baby or living with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Identities are in flux: your girlie-girl sister has started dating a woman; your vegan housemate who wouldn’t let you flush the toilet in order to save water just bought an SUV, and your anti-marriage friend got hitched and decided taking her husband’s name was “just simpler.” Hard partiers are going to AA; oddly everyone is doing yoga. The people whom you took for granted as understanding you and your politics are changing rapidly, and so are you.

Jennifer Baumgardner, Amy Richards

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