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Bless you, my sleeping child.

Oh the last three days have brought a welcome tide of change. After being driven nearly to tears numerous times in the past weeks by M&M’s inconsistent, and often elusive, napping, I am hopeful that our reprieve has arrived. Today … Continue reading

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Easy-peasy Curried Chicken Soup with Chickpeas and Cauliflower.

After my last post I began mulling over the idea of making a soup. Hot sounded good. Comforting sounded amazing. But easy is what made it happen. I am an junkie. Whenever I bring a dish somewhere and get … Continue reading

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Optimism + Accountability = Productivity (maybe?)

Goals for today: Shower Write Week 4 Discussion Post Get the 3+ laundry baskets of clothes in my room put away Do more laundry (including pee-soaked sheets) At least one successful on-her-own baby nap Make a smoothie Eat one hot … Continue reading

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Just, like, whatever.

Instead of relaxing or being productive, I am here. Stuck between the two worlds. I don’t have time for a legitimate post. Or I don’t think I do. It’s not like I often know how long the little one will … Continue reading

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On Short Hair.

After publicly musing over the meanings of–and attachment to–my daughter’s long hair, I found myself re-assessing my relationship with my own. I hope to write a Hair Chronicles-type post in the near future because, to be quite frank, I have … Continue reading

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Tweets of the Day: A Saturday.

6:32am: Went to bed at 8:30 last night + can’t breathe = I guess I have a cold? I don’t even know anymore… 7:46am: Listening to Aqua while I make pancakes with my girls. Hello 7th grade! Sometimes life is … Continue reading

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Superkids Resale and Twice Around the Block (consignment sales in portland, or)

This is only my second consignment “season” but I was surprised that these sales ended up on the same weekend. On my first go-round this past fall they were a week a part. Since I’m a buyer and not a … Continue reading

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Operation #makeitbetter.

After this post, I embarked on Operation #makeitbetter. It began last Friday and it’s orginal goal was to make that day better than the one before. It was successful and I have had better days since just doing a few … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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They say it takes a village.

We all know the saying about the multitude of different people, playing different roles, it takes to raise a child. This past weekend I really felt the blessing of the village my girls are growing up in. It’s a fluid … Continue reading

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