The flu, the yard, the weekend, the week, the craziness.

Oh man, where is the time going?

Last week Dot spent Wednesday night throwing up. By Thursday morning she was mostly better. Of course she still spent the day home from daycare. Friday she went back and I was relieved to finish my last of two papers up due last week.

Saturday and Sunday we had a yard work weekend. It was our first free weekend in a while, and also our last. Instead of relaxing our having fun we hit the ground running. I borrowed my mom’s pressure washer and went to town on our back patio, front steps, and driveway. There was weeding, mowing, planting, and more. We even got the patio furniture out. Sunday night we ended with better weather’s inaugural grill on the patio.

At that point I was not feeling so hot. I thought I’d maybe gotten too much sun, gotten behind on water, or exerted myself too much on this new-fangled eating style of mine. About 7pm M&M projectile vomited. Like four times. And I knew it right then.

We had the flu.

Sunday night sucked. Seeing your five month old (yes! five months now!) with a stomach bug is pretty low. M alternated between vomit and diarrhea. Since she hadn’t pooped in two days (very unusual BTW, I’d been trying to figure what that was about) she had a lot stored up. Luckily Tony managed to dodge the sickness but none of us slept much at all that night. I, by some miracle, didn’t throw up. I just felt like it for about 24hrs (good reminder to be so glad those morning sickness months are over!), some indigestion, and a moderate 100º-101º fever. Which is pretty high for me because my norm is in the 97.7ºish.

Monday is a blur. M and I tried to sleep. Exhausted Daddy tried to entertain Dot. The house went to shit. Trying to eat grain-free while sick was a challenge, but I managed to do pretty well. Not toast or saltines for me 🙁

Being sick with a baby is just the worse. Sick or well it’s not like they let you lay around and recover.  Or watch daytime TV. Or sleep. But we made it.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we were back to normal. Cue catch-up mode! Dishes, laundry, homework, real work. Dot was back at daycare and there was a full afternoon and evening ahead of us. I had a hair appointment (now platinum blonde-whoa!) then gymnastics for the girl followed by dinner at Subway before Tony headed off to the Timbers game. The girls and I headed home and to navigate bedtime one man down. We just started letting the babe “cry it out” so bedtime was pretty painful. More on that later.

This morning is was back to Crossfit and business as usual. Dot got a bonus (though not really because Friday is National Provider Day and her daycare is closed) daycare day which gave me a chance to get this week’s homework done and hopefully make it to the grocery store. Dishes and laundry in between and then my DV support group this evening.

Life just goes, doesn’t it?

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