Another sick day.

sick little girl, robe taking temperatureIt’s another sick day for us! Oh the joys. Thankfully it’s not actually us. As of this moment, it is just Dot. She spiked a high high fever yesterday (we’re talking 104º-105º range). Meds brought it down, but just two or three degrees. So she’s home from daycare. And missing gymnastics this evening too.

And just like that, another week’s been thrown off.


I am hopeful that this blows over quickly and relatively painlessly (no puking! please please no puking!) without spreading throughout the fam. We’d really like a break from the sickies after this as well.

Beyond the upsets we are busy with the ongoing. Working on M&M’s sleep (she’s doing great going down, not quite as much success staying down), adapting to my personal life changes, forging ahead with general responsibilities. You know, life. There are only a few weeks left of the term and I’ve nearly got all my seminars for the term behind me. We’ve had a handful of crazy weekends in the past month but are looking forward to a few quieter, calmer ones up ahead. That is, if they don’t get booked to the brim, per the norm.

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