The things that are good.

There are a host of things that are working out well, finally falling into place, or pleasantly surprising lately.

  • The baby sleeps! Well, during the day at least. Naps are now a piece of cake and I’ve lengthened her awake time from 90 minutes to two hours or a little more. This cuts out at least one nap a day (five is just craziness, and four is only for when I wake her as I sneak out at 6am), all of which are at least an hour and a mid-day one I make sure is two. Night is not going so smoothly, but these are the good things 🙂
  • The sun shines! For today and tomorrow at least. We take what we can get around here.
  • Spring term is nearly a thing of the past. I’ve finished my reading for the term, and have one discussion post and paper for the next three weeks. Beyond that I only have to attend one Friday night class and I’ve another 7 credits under my belt. I’ve registered for summer and fall terms already so it’s nice to know [some of] what the future holds.
  • Crossfit is wonderful. I’ve been told it’s addicting and I can see how it could be. I’m only is the newbie class but I feel the benefits. I mostly adore the relatively small commitment of less that four hours a week (including back and forth time). If I were to work out as hard, as long, on my own it would take me most of a couple days. It’s just so much simpler to show up, get schooled, and go home.
  • I am really enjoying and appreciating experiencing a new way of eating. The Paleo concept is kind of a trip in theory but in practice it just feels good. I’m reading and researching a lot on the subject. This week I bought Everyday Paleo and next week The Paleo Solution should come.
  • Thanks to the above bullet points (better longer naps, working out off my to-do list, and minimal schoolwork) I’m finding I have time for a bit of reading and am taking the time for cooking.
  • There are more people than time in my life. Sometimes this feels overwhelming, but ultimately it is a blessing.
  • Some of my clothes are fitting again/better. An expanding closet is always, always a good thing.
  • Dot was back at daycare today. After a week home (usually she maxes out at three consecutive days). This was much needed across the board.
  • This weekend I’ve plans to attack the baby stuff. Some we no longer use (the swing) and others need a new home (the pack’n’play in our room). I’m looking forward to a little less clutter in the house as a whole and a more cohesive feel to M&M’s room.
  • It’s a Thursday afternoon that very much feels like a Friday. Bonus daycare day for me!
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