Just Say No [to Pinterest].

pinterest reviewOkay, maybe that is a little harsh. Of course I believe in freedom of choice, and that each of us knows what’s best for us (when, why, how, who, where). That being said…really? Really?!

After seeing the #pinterest hashtag pop up a few times over a week I bummed an invite off of a Twitter friend to see what all this fuss was about. The idea was intriguing (although, to be honest I felt kind of the same as when Twitter felt began to blow up. Ugh, another profile to manage? Another time-sucker to tend to? Another virtual facet with which I have to diligently manage my privacy? But the Twitter thing turned out pretty well, so I try to remain open to new developments).

So I made an account. A day or so later I get around to logging in. I browse for awhile and am overcome with a similar feeling to the one I get when I watch Extreme Couponing. The few times I’ve watched that show I’ve been seriously sickened by the rampant consumerism of the “sport.”

Now, I’m all for couponing to save a few bucks, but these people are out-of-control and I think most can recognize they have veered dangerously into hoarding territory. I also have a problem with the shitty foods most coupons “save” on. A bag of chips for 50ยข instead of $3? Great, you can kill yourself cheaper. Or more often.A few of these items as occasional treats are one thing. Filling your house with a “stockpile” on them is another.

garage stockpile extreme couponing food household productsPinterest, to me, represents a fantasyland. That could be your thing, and I understand the need for some escapism, but where is the line? I don’t want to devote my time and energy to cataloging that that is “missing” from my life. Why, if I was caught up in what wasn’t there I might cease to notice all that is.

I want to create content, nurture friendship, expand knowledge and capture memories on the internet.

I may be here a lot, but I’m not just here to perpetuate (and internalize) dissatisfaction and materialism. It may be a sign of me “maturing” but in the past year I have become quite adept at cutting things/sites/people out that take away rather than add to. I want social media to compliment and enrich my “real life.” And I have no tolerance for anything that does something different.

Maybe that’s why my life is so damn good right now.

How’s that for food for thought? Think critically about what takes space in your life, in your head, in your web browser. Because the power really is yours to give away.

And I immediately deleted my profile. So sorry if you want an invite. I’m not your gal.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out. Then, feel free to disagree. Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me I don’t understand. Tell me you’re different. Tell me it’s not the site but the way it’s used (actually don’t, I already get this).

Just to note: If you are a designer, stylist, decorator, artist, or artistic type, I totally get it. You have an extreme passion. You soul is fed by beautiful things and inspiration is as vital as air. Pin away ๐Ÿ™‚

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