Six months (twenty-six weeks, 183 days, half a year).

Six month old baby sucking on toesM&M is now days away from the six month mark. I’ve actually been referring to her as “six months” for weeks now; I think to lessen the shock. Now that I’m used to the idea I can be excited for her without being distracted by my own feelings about the half-year mark. In case you are unfamiliar those could be: nostalgia, fear, disbelief, regret, sadness, and/or an overwhelming state of unpreparedness.

This little girl is such a darn joy. One of her oft-used nicknames means “whole or complete” and that is exactly how our family feels with sweet M in it.* I adore her mellow demeanor, her ever-present inquisitiveness and her adoration for me, daddy, and sister. When she wakes and I pick her up she wraps both arms around my neck, buries her face into my own and grabs a couple big handfuls of hair and skin.

She is often content to lay on her back and play, rolling to her stomach if something interests her, but often just chilling. She can scoot around 180ยบ so I’ll find her head where I left her feet. She loves playing in her exersaucer and constantly amazes me with her high tolerance for walks in the stroller. I’ve begun taking 40-60 minutes walks during the awake time during which she will just chill, chew, and check out the scene.

Girl loves her solid food and we’ve gotten some glimpses of sister-like temperament lately when she wanted more and there was none. Just as she’s always been, M is a quick and efficient nurser. Breastfeeding often hardly registers into my daily duties. I think because of that I cherish the few minutes she allows that much more.

Oh, and teeth! Yes, we have teeth. At long last if you consider this post. I am actually so grateful for the bit of stolen time. In more ways than one. Last week her bottom (middle) two teeth broke through and then next day I felt a top (middle) one but now I’m not sure. The bottom two are growing like gangbusters though. I was happy for her to finally pop some through and hope they afforded some relief from the teething grind.

Now that we’ve got some sort of sleep rhythm down I just want things to stop and stay where they are. And, yes, I even say this after a night of waking every two hours. I’m not ready for major mobility (rolling across the room and some sitting up is more than enough for me, M. Slow down there!). The vast majority of the time I love her intense attachment to us, to me. Having already growed another girl (ok, she’s not yet four but damn if she doesn’t feel half-grown lately) I cherish this season when I can be the gatekeeper to my little one.

I know the second half of this first year will pass much quicker. I’m prepared to start referring to M&M as “a year” in a couple months. Because that’s probably the headstart I’ll need to get used to the idea. The growing up part is proving much harder with the second(last?) than the first. I’m grateful to have the wherewithal to find the joy in every step of the way. And digital cameras! Thank God for them and the memories they allow us to cherish.

smiley baby girl tongue

*The question of another is out there. And it likely will be for years. But it being merely a question, a wonder, speaks to the sense of wholeness we have.

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