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Rapunzel, Rapunzel: A Tangled Birthday Party.

The past weekend we celebrated Dot’s upcoming 4th birthday with large gaggle of fellow preschoolers, a half dozen or so baby siblings, and a herd of accompanying parents. It was chaos. But the celebratory, beautiful summer Saturday morning, kind. Dot … Continue reading

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A nice day.

Sometimes a nice day is just exactly what one needs. Not a fantastic day, or even a great one; these often are sandwiched by build-ups and let-downs (or in the mom’s case clean-up). Too much grandiose calls for exhaustion. And … Continue reading

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Dear Blog (and blog readers),

I know I’ve been neglecting you. Really, it’s not personal. I think about you every day and, truly, I have so much to say. There’s just this whole never-enough-time thing. We are in the midst of an especially busy season … Continue reading

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Not For Sale!

When you’re this cute, Mom and Dad have gotta be clear…

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What is Paleo? (for the visual learners)

Learn more about the Paleo Diet.

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Everything happens for a reason.

I’ve had a seriously bizarre day. But in a good way. In a validating, reassuring, your-choices-are-taking-you-where-you-want-to-go kind of way. I’ve had the kind of day that comes along occasionally to keep us on our toes, to propel us forward, to … Continue reading

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I could have cried into my [delicious, Paleo] chicken dinner.

Dot is a picky eater. Her 4th birthday is just around the corner and I tell myself it’s just a phase and remind myself that I, too, could not be persuaded to keep an open mind where things I thought … Continue reading

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Turning a day around.

Sorry to everyone waiting for the Part II of M&M’s birth story. I’ve been otherwise occupied this week! Last night my baby sister (I’m the oldest of four) graduated from high school. This caused me to be out until about … Continue reading

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Second Born: It’s a surprise! (Birth Story–Part I)

Now that M&M is six months old I feel a tug of guilt daily that I haven’t written down her birth story. I know the details are not as crisp as they would have been once, but I’m claiming “better … Continue reading

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Freedom Flowers.

Now a week old, this bouquet has definitely seen better days. Last Friday morning Dot and I went on a Starbucks date before her doctor’s appointment. Yes, another doctor’s appointment! After a week battling the high fever, there was only … Continue reading

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