Freedom Flowers.

flower bouquet memorial day freedom graveside red roses babies breath traders joe's flowersNow a week old, this bouquet has definitely seen better days. Last Friday morning Dot and I went on a Starbucks date before her doctor’s appointment. Yes, another doctor’s appointment! After a week battling the high fever, there was only a brief reprieve before she came down with a massive double ear infection.

Goddamn that first ear infection followed by those antibiotics that wiped her system out in the first place! Three-and-a-half is pretty amazing for a first round of antibiotics but her poor system just didn’t know what to do with itself. Since then she’s had a stomach bug, high fever, and now a double ear infection.

After ten days on the higher up antibiotic she had to return for a re-check. We had some time to kill (seems to be the case lately with us in the mornings, love rising early!) so I enticed her to join me on a quick Trader Joe’s trip.

There Dot asks if we can get some flowers and I let her pick a bouquet out. She points to the above arrangement. I see red roses and white babies breath and think prom. Ugh, they are so formal

She will not be talked out of them. I point out pink gerbera daisies and even pink roses. No, she wants these ones. I can’t imagine taking them home and displaying them in the kitchen, but this is yet another one of those things we do as parents.

At the checkout I notice the flowers ring up as “Memorial Day Freedom Flowers.” And then it all makes sense. On the cusp of the holiday weekend, Dot has picked out graveside flowers! Oh Lord…

I will admit, they ended up looking better than I thought. And she is in love with them. And it’s a nice story to boot.

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